Honorary Citizenship for María Romero Meneses

San José (Costa Rica). On May 29, 2019, Sr. Maria Romero Meneses was the first woman to obtain honorary Citizenship in San José in Costa Rica.

Thirty years ago, on May 29, 1898, the Legislative Assembly of Costa Rica in the Constitutional Period of 1986-1990, expressed its consent and unanimously approved the process that granted honorary Citizenship for the service rendered to the Republic, to Sr. Maria Romero Meneses, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians.

The Archbishop of San José, Mgr. José Rafael Quirós, wrote a few days ago in reference to this event: "... The recognition of the services rendered to the country by the Nicaraguan Sister who, with love and solidarity, gave her life for the poor. Sister Maria was a gift of God for Costa Rican society and for the universal Church which, in its supreme authority, recognized her Christian and heroic virtues".

To commemorate this date, the Association of Ex-parliamentarians and parliamentarians from Costa Rica organized a conference on Sister Maria Romero in the President's Room at the Legislative Assembly on May 29, 2019.

Among those present, in addition to representatives of deputies and former parliamentarians, there were representatives of the Apostolic Nuncio and the Archbishop; of the different associations and groups of the House of the Virgin; of the Salesian Family; of Daughters of Mary Help of Christians; and of diocesan and religious priests.

Mr. Alejandro Soto Zúñiga and Mr. Alex Solís Fallas were the promoters of the historical process of granting citizenship to Sister Maria Romero. For Mr. Alex, this event has taken on a double meaning, because in addition to being a deputy, he is also the father of the child who received the miracle that became the object for the cause of Beatification of Sister María Romero.

A lay woman, Mrs. Maribel Quirós Ramos, representative of the Associations and groups of the House of the Virgin, pointed out that the social works are currently under development and gave her testimony as an active collaborator in these works.

A Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, Sister Ana Yorleny Campos Miranda, who has extensive experience in this educational and social work, presented the characteristics of the spirituality of Sister Mary. The Provincial, Sr. Ena Veralis Bolaños, expressed gratitude for this commemorative gesture. The event ended with a song presented by 12 residents of Sister María Romero's House of the Virgin. In the end there was a moment of fraternal conviviality.

It was a time of intense joy for having honored a Daughters of Mary Help of Christians who dedicated herself so much to "form good Christians and honest citizens".

As Mr. Alejandro recalled, taking up the words of MP Araya Guillén: "In these five minutes I would like to share the joy of honorary Citizenship with Sister María Romero whose mission in this world was solidarity with the poorest... This gesture today is the acknowledgment of a woman who understood that the Gospel of Jesus is the commitment of hope for the poor and I share this thought".


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06/06/2019 04:20:03 - Patricia Pilar Alonso Soto

El haber podido estar presente en este acto tan especial, nos ha hecho vibrar de más amor y admiración por nuestra Beata María Romero Meneses. Todos los expositores se lucieron en el comentario desde diferentes aristas ya sea de la espiritualidad de Sor María, como de su calidad como mujer, educadora y evangelizadora. Reconocieron el trabajo realizado por ella y por la Comunidad de la Casa de la Virgen - Obras Sociales Sor María Romero por la prolongación de este carisma puesto al servicio de los más pobres entre los pobres y la solidaridad que allí se vive sin importar nacionalidad, distingo social o religión. Una vez más damos gracias por la obra y vida de la Beata María Romero.

05/06/2019 20:01:33 - Olga Quesada

Muchas felicidades a las FMA, que el Señor siga derramando muchas bendiciones sobre ustedes y todas sus obras y que las enseñanzas y el recuerdo de Sor María Romero iluminen el camino a muchas personas.

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