Mother Antonia Colombo has left us for Heaven

Castelgandolfo (Italy). To the FMA, SDB, Salesian Family Groups, members of the Educating Communities of the whole world, we relay the communication of the passage to Heaven of our Dearest Mother Antonia Colombo. We are grateful for her life, precious in God’s eyes, precious for each FMA, for the lay people, and for the young, for each of us.

Here follows the official communication of Mother Yvonne Reungoat, Superior General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, with the profile of our Dearest Mother Antonia Colombo.

Dearest Sisters,

On the evening of July 1, 2019 in Mary Help of Christians House in St. Ambrogio Olona, Varese, the Lord of Life and of Beatitude introduced into the eternal Easter, our dearest Mother Antonia Colombo, Superior General Emerita. She was born in Lecco on April 12, 1935, professed at Contra di Missaglia (Lecco) on August 6, 1959, in Holy Family Province in Lombardy, Milan.

Mother Antonia was born into a family rich in affection, hard work, and faith. She had only one brother, six years older than her, whom the Lord called to Himself on November 1, 2018. The family lived in the same building where the father had his workshop and saddler shop. Her mother was a wise woman, of great love and firm faith. She always would say, “What the Lord asks of us is never too much”.

The peace of Lake Como and the starkness of the surrounding mountains, which Mother Antonia loved so much, contributed to shaping her sweet but strong temperament. Here were the roots of her equilibrium and rectitude that always distinguished her way of being and of acting.

She knew the FMA at the Lecco Oratory and was attracted by their educational style and by their joy. This is why she wanted to be enrolled in their middle school that had recently been opened in the city. Then she went to public school for her Classical degree, but continued to frequent the Oratory as an animator for the pre-teens. She enrolled at the Catholic University of Milan and, as she herself writes, she chose the Faculty of Law, “To become a lawyer and help the poorest people defend their rights as human beings. At that time, she thought that this professional choice would allow her to accomplish a social task at the service of the neediest people, especially the young who live in family contexts that are poor or morally at risk”.

The encounter with the Provincial, Sr. Margherita Sobbrero, helped her to give a response to her deep ideals. She asked her point blank, “Why don’t you come with us?”. For quite some time, Antonia had thought about it and now decided on the date for her entrance into the Institute. Her parents did not expect this choice and they suffered due to it. But their son, Aquilino, helped them to understand and consent to Antonia’s religious vocation.

On April 8, 1956 she arrived at the Aspirantate of Triuggio where she inserted herself into a group of young women who like her desired to follow Jesus by dedicating themselves to the education of girls. The Assistant, Sr. Orsolina Ardissione, who was the collaborator of Fr. Ferdinando Maccono, opened to her the vast horizons of our religious Family and led her to love Mother Mazzarello. She lived the period of Postulancy in Milan, Via Bonvesin, as she continued to study, take her exams at the University, and write her thesis.

After the novitiate at Contra di Missaglia, she made her religious profession on August 6, 1959 and in the same year she graduated in Law. She then taught Law for one year at the International Institute of Pedagogy and Religious Sciences. From 1960 to 1963, she then studied Applied Psychology at the Catholic University at the Leuven in Belgium graduating in 1963. From that year until 1989, she was a professor and then the Principal of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences at the Auxilium, first in Turin and then in Rome. Her keen intelligence and her cultural and spiritual richness contributed to the development of our Faculty and above all, the deepened study of the education of the woman and the Marian face of the Institute. With Mary, in the Church and in the actual world, woman is called to promote the culture of life.

In 1989, she was nominated Provincial of the Southern Province of Sr. Teresa Valsé Pantellini (IME) headquartered in Taranto. The following year, at General Chapter XIX, she was elected as a General Visiting Councilor and in the next General Chapter XX in 1996 she was elected as the Superior General of the Institute and then re-elected for a second six-year term in 2002.

In her magisterium, with clarity and evangelical paresis, she particularly emphasized the culture of life and the promotion of the young woman in her dignity. In her animation, Mother Antonia fostered a commitment to active citizenship and promoted a circular mode of animation as a condition for valuing the resources of each person and as a witness of communion. She encouraged the educating communities to be laboratories of life and reciprocity through educational relationships. She supported the importance of educating to the value of solidarity to help build human coexistence under the sign of a civilization of love and peace rooted in the values ??of the Gospel. She witnessed the radical nature of following Jesus as the center of her life, the source of the serenity that radiated around her, and of the fruitfulness of her mission in the Institute.

Humanizing culture and relationships in the light of the message of Jesus and the Salesian charism was not a slogan for Mother Antonia, but rather a precise commitment that identifies her mission as Mother and formative guide. Her guidelines for animation and government that emerged in the monthly circulars, are clear and lead to the deepening of the documents of the universal Church and the reading of the current context, aware that in a globalized and interdependent society every choice has global resonances.

After completing her service at the Institute's central level in 2008, her health collapsed and she remained in the Generalate for about a year. She underwent surgery and, after the necessary treatment, was appointed Animator of Mother Ersilia Canta House in Rome. At the end of the three-year term, she again went to the Generalate because of her precarious health, which required other surgical procedures because the tumor had spread. She entered the community as a humble sister, grateful for every small gesture of attention done for her; dependent in everything, but not passively submissive; free and forthright, as she had sought to teach to the FMA of the world.

She collaborated in revising the biographical profiles of the deceased sisters, willingly devoted herself to reading and intensified prayer. It had become "all prayer", not only because she spent long periods of time in front of the Lord in the tribune of the chapel, but because of her luminous gaze that went beyond, where dialogue with God does not undergo variations and is always more intense and deeper. She also invited us to pray with her with her favorite prayer: “I want what you want ... as you want it, when you want it, and because you want it”.

In her first Circular at the beginning of her mandate, Mother Antonia wrote: "I enter every community with trepidation and joy" (n. 785). On tiptoe and in silent love she ended her mission, giving those who met her the witness of a happy Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, in serene adherence to God's plan.

In recent years at the rest home of Sant'Ambrogio Olona (Varese), she experienced the purification and the stripping of the disease that deprived her of her memory, but not of the subtlety of relationships, of her luminous smile, of her delicate attention to people, and the expressions of gratitude that blossomed spontaneously on her lips, a sign of a heart full of peace and inhabited by the presence of God.

In the evening of July 1, 2019, Mother Antonia reached her goal and now we can think of her happy in God’s joy forever.

Let us remember that verse of the liturgy which she had made her own and which always accompanied her: "May I know you intimately, O Christ! And, as your companion in the passion, may I rise again with you! ".

Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, Superior General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians

The funeral will be celebrated on July 3, in Milan at St. Augustine Salesian Parish Church, at twelve noon. The body will be interred in the cemetery of Nizza Monferrato.

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19/07/2019 13:42:16 - Sr.MariaGrazia Caputo

Madre Antonia, grazie per la tua presenza nell'Istituto e nella mia vita. Grazie per il tuo accompagnamento nel preparare gli statuti del VIDES Internazionale e nel seguire i momenti di formazione dei volontari e gli incontri con i collaboratori. Grazie per come hai saputo darmi l'obbedienza di iniziare un nuovo progetto per l'Istituto attraverso l'Ufficio dei diritti umani che rappresentava l'Istituto e il VIDES alle Nazioni Unite a Ginevra. Grazie del tuo consiglio che ho cercato don passione educativa di mettere in pratica:" Ricorda di fare sempre denunzie positive". Ho davanti agli occhi la tua espressione di gioia e di attesa quando ti parlavo del cammino che stavamo facendo. Grazie Madre Antonia...sei stata una persona che ha lasciato un segno dentro di me.

08/07/2019 21:10:54 - Berenice Tena Martínez fma

Gracias Madre Antonia. Fuiste para mi una verdadera hermana, abierta siempre a las necesidades de los demás, atenta y servicial. Como "insegnante" en el Auxilium, nos fuiste maestra de vida, nos abriste horizontes en el encuentro y acogida de los demás. Te interesabas de todo y de todos, nada te era indiferente, nos enseñaste a conocernos y aceptarnos a nosotras mismas, impulsándonos a dar lo mejor. A medida que ibas ejerciendo tareas de mayor responsabilidad crecía tu bondad, disponibilidad, humildad y piedad. Gracias hermana, maestra, Madre. El Señor y la Virgen recompensen con creces tu amor, entrega y donación al Instituto, a la Iglesia.

08/07/2019 06:04:51 - Sr. Catherine Fernandes INB

Thank you, dearest Mother Antonia, for your efficient and efficacious presence in our Institute, especially as our Mother General. I have a few but fond memories of my brief encounters with you, listening and speaking with motherly heart and eyes.The good Lord reward you with heavenly bliss!

05/07/2019 16:06:47 - Sor Maria Rodriguez Castillo

Queridísima Madre Antonia, te recuerdo con mucha alegría desde el tiempo del Auxilium, vivido junto a ti: 1976-1981. Buscaba de estar cerca de ti en los recreos para aprender de tu sabias palabras espontáneas: te mostrabas sonriente, alegre, disponible, premurosa, ágil, abierta... Resumias una conferencia, un libro, o lo que fuere en pocas palabras y en tiempo record... Todavía recuerdo, y me gozo, cuando durante un recreo nos narrabas la historia de tu vocación religiosa, ya toda una profesional en derecho, cuando les comunicaste a tus padres tu decisión de entrar en la Familia Religiosa de las Hijas de Maria Auxiliadora. No lo podían creer...Tu papa te respondio que te haria una capilla y construiría un altar para que pudieras rezar en casa!!! Fuiste una maestra extraordinaria. Comunicabas tus cátedras con arte y pasión. Aprendí casi todas las lecciones de psicología directamente de tus ponencias, de tu viva voz... Fuiste una Madre General llena de sabiduría y amor, cercana, perspicaz, audaz... Gracias por tu acogida, por tu capacidad de escucha y discernimiento, por tu confianza, por contestar a todas mis cartas y ayudarme en todas mis necesidades, por preocuparte tanto por mis padres ancianos y enfermos y poder dedicarme a sus cuidados. Te pienso en la gloria de Dios junto a Jesús y a María, junto a Santa Maria Domenica (como la llamabas), a Don Bosco y a toda la corte celestial. ¡ Gracias de todo corazon, hasta pronto!

05/07/2019 11:17:57 - clarisse

Mère Antonia; merci pour ta vie toute donnée à Dieu et à l'Institut, ce que tu as semé en nous: ce sens d'humanité cette défense du droit de l'homme et de la place de la femme dans la société reste graver dans nos cœurs!!! du ciel intercèdes pour chaque FMA pour que ce sens de la vie soit pour nous une lampe qui éclaire toute notre action éducative. Et maintenant jouis avec JESUS que tu as servi ensemble avec nos SAINTS FONDATEURS. Aurevoir et PAIX à ton AME. Sr clarisse NGOIE FMA / AFC

05/07/2019 04:06:54 - Sr. Catherine Altamura, FMA

Grazie, Madre Antonia, per il tuo sorriso luminoso e incoraggiante che ci spronava al bene; grazie per la tua umilta' e semplicita' per cui ti sentivamo Madre comprensiva e sorella premurosa. Ora sei gia' nelle braccia del Padre, vicino all'Ausiliatrice, a Don Bosco e Madre Mazzarello. Ti preghiamo di intercedere per l'Istituto e per vocazioni sode e forti come la tua.

04/07/2019 01:48:07 - Gloria Ibatá Q.

Doy profundas gracias a Dios por la vida de Madre Antonia Colombo, excelente formadora de generaciones de FMA desde la cátedra de Psicología, nos dejó un legado que sigue haciendo huella en el Instituto: la educación de la mujer desde la autoconciencia femenina, la coeducación a partir de la categoría de la reciprocidad, la humanización de la cultura como nuestra tarea específica y la espiritualidad mariana desde una antropología integral. Mujer ejemplar de vida y de consagración religiosa. Gracias Madre Antonia, te bemos mucho.

03/07/2019 23:18:49 - Mara Izcue FMA

Sor Antonia, descansa en el regazo de nuestro Padre Dios. Te has dejado modelar por la acción del Espíritu y has sido para nosotras testigo de Comunión. En mi corazón has dejado impresa esta huella: "No anteponer nada a la Comunión". Tu ADN ha sido el amor y la entrega al Instituto. Hoy cuando Dios padre ha venido a tu encuentro, le damos las gracias por el don de tu vida. Estamos seguras que María Auxiliadora te ha hablado ya de nuestro Instituto... Sor Antonia, goza para siempre del cariño de Dios y acompaña los pasos de nuestro Instituto.

03/07/2019 22:36:29 - María Dolores Ruiz fma

Muchísimas gracias, M. Antonia, por tu vida entregada sin reservas, por la rectitud que vivías queriendo hacer la voluntad de Dios en la actuación concreta con la persona que tenías delante. Fuiste mediación para mi en un cruce de caminos en el que tuvimos que discernir lo que Dios nos ponía delante con sus sorpresas inexplicables. Gracias por tus sabios consejos. Sigue ayudándonos e intercediendo por cada una en el Cielo. Ojalá el Señor siga regalando al Instituto mujeres de tu talla humana, intelectual y espiritual , mujeres de Dios para los jóvenes en el hoy tan complejo que vivimos.

03/07/2019 19:20:23 - I.Maria Eliete de Sousa

Querida Madre Antônia, você foi para mim uma pessoa especial. Seu sorriso largo, sua compreensão, sua capacidade de sentir com o outro sempre me deixaram admirada! Hoje nossa Comunidade se une a tantas outras para agradecer tão grande dom que foi você em nossa Congregação. Que Maria a Mãe que lhe ensinou a beleza do acolhimento aos necessitados e aos que precisam de um alento, a acolha e a cubra com o seu grande manto de Mãe! Obrigada por tudo. Receba nossas preces!

03/07/2019 18:43:43 - Sr Alphonsine Tshabu

Merci Mère Antonia pour ta vie intense, lumineuse et toute donnée à Dieu et à l'Institut. Nous nous confions à ton intercession. Repose en paix!

03/07/2019 18:15:00 - María Carmen Catalá FMA

Querida Madre Antonia, siento la imperiosa necesidad de decirte ¡Gracias!. Tu maternidad y sencillez, tu sabiduría y cercanía me acompañaron durante los seis años de inspectora. Siempre experimenté una confianza plena y una orientación sabia. Ya gozas de la presencia de Dios. Sigue acompañándonos para que la fidelidad creativa no falte en nuestras comunidades y vivamos gozosas la vocación de Hijas de María Auxiliadora.

03/07/2019 17:10:53 - Sr Michaëlle Mwika, FMA

Chère mère Antonia, que de souvenirs de tes bonnes oeuvres nous passent dans la mémoire. Merci de t'être donnée à Dieu, à l'Institut et à chaque FMA personnellement. Que le Seigneur te fasse goûter aux délices qu'Il réserves à ses bien aimées. Du ciel, continue à prier pour nous comme tu le faisais ici sur terre. Que ton âme repose en paix!

03/07/2019 16:57:24 - Teresita Verhelst Solano

Madre Antonia agradezco profundamente el don de tu vida, tu entrega incondicional a Dios y al Instituto. Tuve la alegría de ser la última de tus estudiantes en el Auxilium. Tu mirada profunda, tu invitación a buscar la verdad, a luchar por ser lo mejor de mi misma, tu amor por Madre Mazzarello y el deseo incansable para promover con María la cultura de la vida, permanecerán conmigo.

03/07/2019 15:39:50 - Ercilde Moratelli, fma

Gratidão a Deus por nos ter doado a pessoa da Madre Antonia Colombo em todos esses anos em que ela soube fazer-se DOM ao Senhor no serviço generoso pela educação das e dos jovens. Gratidão à Madre Antonia pelo rico magisterio nos doze anos de animação do Instituto com palavras inspiradas e sabias! Gratidão pela atenção a cada irmã que se aproximou para coloquio pessoal. Tive esta graça e pude provar seu humano coração de Materno! Gratidão por ter sido FMA, Mulher feliz como Filha de Maria Auxiliadora. Gratidão por sua simplicidade! Preces. Do Céu olhe pelas suas filhas, e interceda vocações para o Instituto.

03/07/2019 15:13:15 - Sr. Katharina Schmid

Carissima Madre Antonia, hai donato tutta la tua vita, tutti i tuoi doni al Signore nel nostro Istituto. Hai conosciuto i segni dei tempi e hai agito e incoraggiato con grande apertura, libertà e rispetto.Una Tua parola tutta personale mi accompagnerà per tutta la vita. Grazie!

03/07/2019 15:04:19 - María Victoria Bernal

Los sscc de Medellín nos hacemos presentes en este momento triste para el Instituto, reciban nuestro abrazo grande y lleno de cariño, cuenten con nuestra oración. Estamos seguros que la Madre Antonia ya está gozando de la presencia del Señor. Que descanse en paz 🙏🙏🙏

03/07/2019 14:20:41 - ananos Colon Maria Teresa

Ta charité esquisse, ta délicatesse, ta discrétion, ton amour inconditionné à toutes tes filles, ton regard plein de lumière, ton attention, Mère Antonia, nous ont accompagné toujours.Je loue le Seigneur pour le don que tu as été pour moi, pour nous, pour l'Institut, pour la Famille Salésienne. Du haut du ciel continue à nous regarder...

03/07/2019 10:27:12 - Soeur Marie Raphaël Kalenga

Nous sommes en union de prière avec l'institut. Que le Seigneur accueille son âme dans le paradis. Merci pour tout ce qu'elle a été dans l'institut.

03/07/2019 10:26:28 - Ir. Paula Cristina Langa

Querida Madre Antonia, com grande fe e gratidao a Deus, pensamos-te no ceu, gozando o premio de quem procurou ser transparencia da bondade do Pai. Obrigada Madre Antonia pela sua proximidade, pela palavra cheia de sabedoria dirigida a cada FMA, pela vida entregue generosamente na Igreja ao servico do Instituto. Dai do ceu continue a olhar para nos e a interceder pela missao do Instituto. Ficou memoravel para toda a Familia Salesiana em Mocambique a festa mundial de gratidao com o lema "Acende uma luz em Africa" e na verdade acendeu e continua a irradiar a sua luminosidade.

03/07/2019 09:37:05 - Mariella La Mura

Dal profondo del mio cuore sale a Lei ,Madre Antonia, il mio riconoscente grazie!!! Grazie! Per aver avuto il dono di incontrarla nel mio cammino...momenti indimenticabili...di fraterna salesianità nelle consulte tra Istituto FMA e Confederazione Mondiale exallieve/I per condividere il carisma salesiano... Grazie! Per l'affetto ed il bene dimostrato a me personalmente...per avermi trasmesso la gioia e la bellezza di appartenere a questa meravigliosa famiglia...e per tutte le exallieve ...e per l'associazione ,la quale ha lavorato tanto... Da lassù, nella luce e pace piena nel Signore e tra le braccia di Maria Ausiliatrice continuerà ad intercedere per tutti noi. Grazie!Grazie

03/07/2019 08:44:01 - Sr. Ambrose Little Flower - INT

Dearest Mother Antonia Colombo, “Where there are religious, there is joy”. Your joy beamed from your attentiveness to little things, to persons and to God. We are grateful to you dear Mother. Your life is an inspiration for us to live our life in joy and may our total self giving in service to the Church, to families and young people, to the elderly and the poor multiply limpid joy in the world. May your soul delight in the everlasting happiness of Paradise in the Salesian Garden.

03/07/2019 06:30:23 - Sr. Lily Perumpettilkunnel

Mother Antonia with whom I have lived from 1976-1981 as a student, first in Turin and then in 'Auxilium', was the gem of an FMA who came across to me as a person deeply rooted in Jesus and Mary, a woman of the magnificat who sang the praises of God always and everywhere and who manifested it in her constant, serene and cheerful face. Though I was a student and she was a professor, I always felt that she was very close to me, sharing in the same community life with active participation in all the activities and chores of the house. She was a model for me and she inspired me to be always joyful and be a committed FMA. She exalted the dignity of a woman and the feminine qualities of the FMA, when she organized the Convention on Woman in Frascatti in the year 1988 in which I had also the joy of participating along with Sr. Teresa Plasanal as past pupils of Auxilium. Even when she was the Mother General from 1996-2008, I continued to be in touch with her especially for guidance and inspiration. Once when I sought her advise in moments of difficulties and problems, she replied me saying, "Sr. Lily, remember everything passes" and that put me in the right perspective... and until today that very encouragement of hers, gives me ever new vigour and enthusiasm in my ongoing journey towards holiness. THANK YOU DEAR MOTHER ANTONIA for your ever cheerful self-donation to our beloved Institute and to the Church at large, to the growth and expansion of our charism. And now I think of you as one in whom Jesus and Mary are well pleased and in the company of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello and all the saints and angels singing the glory of God with your fine voice. Intercede for all the FMA that we too may like you, live our consecrated life in creative fidelity in a typically feminine style.

03/07/2019 06:01:10 - Sr. Lydia Komuhra

Carissima Madre Antonia, con il cuore riconoscente, diciamo "GRAZIE" in questo giorno del suo pellegrinaggio definitivo verso la casa del Padre. Grazie per tutto quello che e' stata al nostro caro Istituto e ad ogni FMA. Hai offerto tutto con tanta gioia e con grande amore fino alla fine. Il Signore l'accolga nella sua pace eterna. Interceda per la Madre, il Suo Consiglio, per le FMA e per i giovani verso il cammino al CG XXIV.

03/07/2019 04:15:51 - Sr.Orsolina Kim

Grazie,cara Madre Antonia per la tua dedizione disinterssata per la crescita dell'Istituto nel carisma e di tutte noi FMA! Grazie per il tuo sincero affetto per tutte noi, ci hai trattato da vere sorelle desiderandoci mature FMA!

03/07/2019 04:10:04 - Sr. Jessica Salvana

Dearest Mo. Antonia, We are forever grateful to you for what you have been and have done to our Cambodia and Myanmar Sisters! Your visit in these two countries will be forever etched in our hearts. You have shown your maternal love and care to our Sisters and the young by your very presence when you visited us in 1998 (Cambodia) and again in 2005 in Myanmar. Thank you and may you enjoy the company of our Salesian Saints in the Salesian garden! Sisters of Cambodia and Myanmar

03/07/2019 02:31:39 - Suor Elizabeth Corsino

Grazie Signore per il dono meraviglioso di Madre Antonia Colombo. Ero appena arrivata all'Auxilium giusto l'anno che é stata eletta Madre generale nel CGXX. Quante festa in quella casa per la notizia, cuanta gioia. dopo alcuni mesi mi hanno chiesto di fare le foto per cui sempre dovevo seguirla da vicino, durante le sue visite alla nostra casa. Era fotogenica. E sempre scherzava con me "Ma cara mi hai preso di sorpresa", e sorrideva. In occasione del suo ritorno dalla festa dela riconoscenza in Mexico é andata a darci la buona notte e a condividere volentieri la sua esperienza, non dimentichero mai le sue parole rispetto alla grazia di stato, e il significato di essere ora "la Madre"... "voi sapete come ero io, care sorelle, perche quasi tutte abbiamo vissuto lunghi anni insieme... sono sorpresa da me stessa perche ora tutti mi abracciano, mi bacciano, mi fanno le foto, si avvicinano... ma sono felice di farlo, non mi pesa, assolutamente... pensateci come ero, ma Dio sta trasformando la mia vita e le mie amete sorelle... la gente, i giovani"... Sono felice con tutto questo"... Lei ci ha aperto il cuore quella notte. Grazie madre per la tua semplicita. Ora sei fra le braccia di Gesú che hai tanto amato e ci hai invitato ad amare.

03/07/2019 02:15:24 - Sor Maritza Ortiz

A M. Antonia la quise mucho y la recordaré por su calidad humana, sabiduría y acompañamiento maternal unida a la humildad! Amó mucho a las Exalumnas y defendió los derechos y dignidad de la mujer con su testimonio y magisterio para nuestro Instituto! Ahora descansa en paz y sin duda estará gozando con todos nuestros santos en el cielo! En oración agradecida ahora descansa en paz con toda la Familia Salesiana que nos ha precedido en el cielo!

03/07/2019 02:06:28 - Ir. Dourivalda Bezerra

Um momento muito especial da minha vida foi ter a oportunidade de conviver uma semana com a Madre Antónia. Seu sorriso aberto, sua voz suave e tranquila a nos transmitir lindas mensagens. Naqueles momentos eu sempre me sentia transportada para Mornese. Que o Senhor na sua infinita misericórdia conceda conforto a todas as irmãs Salesianas. Lílian Falcão – BRE (Educadora) Esta educadora teve a oportunidade de ajudar na organização da festa da gratidão, realizada no RECIFE.

02/07/2019 23:57:33 - Sr Fernande Chimène Matsimouna

La communauté de la Marsa - Tunis, unie à toute l'institut rend grâce à Dieu pour la vie donnée jusqu'au bout de Madre Antonia. Qu'elle nous obtienne des saintes vocations et intercède pour toutes les FMA dans leur mission respective. Notre prière pour toute FMA et la Famille salésienne!

02/07/2019 22:41:52 - Maria de Nazaré Gonçalves de Lima/ Cuiabá

"Felizes os mansos porque possuirão a terra!"... (Mt 5, 3-12) Sim, Me.Antonia querida, a sua mansidão, capacidade de escuta, valorização da Mulher, CUIDADO com a VIDA, irradiaram por toda a Terra. Como é bom recordar e AGRADECER a DEUS seu olhar penetrante que nos incentivava a SER mais... a doar o melhor de nós para Deus, para os interlocutores. Agora que você O contempla FACE a FACE, continue a interceder por nós, afim de que continuemos a caminhada em sinodalidade, COM Maria, auxiliando e testemunhando aos jovens:"Cristo VIVE!" Obrigada Me. Antonia! Abençoe sempre mais o Instituto que tanto você amou e que a AMA muito! Paz infinita!

02/07/2019 22:12:18 - Sr Fernanda Lovesio

Ho conosciuto Madre Antonia negli anni giovanili, l'ho tanto stimata e apprezzata. Ha fatto la visita canonica alla nostra Ispettoria: le ho voluto bene, ma mi ha sempre dimostrato affetto. Ho fatto professione il 6 agosto 1959 e avrei desiderato che condividesse la gioia del 60° di professione. Dal Cielo ci benedirà!

02/07/2019 21:31:02 - sr Palmira e sorelle ITV

La riconoscenza per quanto Madre Antonia hai donato all'Istituto e alla Chiesa, si fa preghiera per Te. Carissima Madre Antonia, ora che ci vedi tutte, chiedi la fedeltà per ciascuna e ottieni per noi sante vocazioni.

02/07/2019 21:22:53 - Sr. Angela Maria

Ci uniamo a tutto l'Istituto nella preghiera riconoscente per la cara Madre Antonia. Il Signore della vita la ricompensi per il tanto bene compiuto con la gioia eterna!

02/07/2019 21:12:32 - sr. Isabel Regordán

Me uno a todo el Instituto en este momento de dolor y al mismo tiempo de alegría por la vida plena de madre Antonia. El Señor la habrá cogido en sus brazos misericordiosos de Padre. Las que la hemos conocido más de cerca hemos podido experimentar su corazón de hermana y madre.Querida Madre Antonia GRACIAS porque tu vida ha sido un don para la Iglesia y el Instituto

02/07/2019 20:44:47 - Sr Stella Chilupula ( AFM)

As the Lord has called madre Antonia Colombo to himself, we recall with gratitude a radical and profound life lived by our mother, her testimony of life and her zeal for the growth of the institute. We thank God for her maternal and a life of simplicity till the end. We unite ourselves with the entire institute to pray for her eternal repose. May the Lord grant her everlasting life which she had always longed while she lived on earth.

02/07/2019 20:12:00 - Martha Franco

En la certeza de que el señor ya la ha recibido en su casa, doy gracias al Señor por haber tenido la oportunidad de conocer un poco de cerca a Madre Antonia. Coincido en lo que dice su perfil: una mujer libre y directa. Tuve ocasión de sentir su maternidad que con pocas palabras y muy directas me ayudaron a reconocer ciertas realidades que no las percibía, a la vez pude seguir experimentando su cercanía materna, su seguimiento afectuoso. Cuánto nos ayudó a reedescubrir la importancia de nuestro ser mujer y del rol imprescindible de la mujer; su magisterio es un rico patrimonio para el Instituto.

02/07/2019 19:43:14 - ING - Guwahati

With a deep sense of Gratitude to God for the wonderful person of our dear Mother Antonia who had left us her daughters, a legacy of love for the Institute. She was a person always concern about keeping alive the Spirit and charism of the Institute in every FMA community. Dear Mother, pray for us and intercede for us from heaven. RIP

02/07/2019 18:32:24 - Sor Teresita Salas González

Doy gracias a la Trinidad Santísima por el don que nos hizo en Madre Antonia Colombo, por su vida totalmente entregada al Reino, al Instituto. Por su sabio Magisterio. Ahora que gozas de esa visión del Dios Comunión, Trinidad y de la presencia de María Auxiliadora intercede por todas las FMA, para que hagamos siempre lo "Que El nos diga" y seamos "seno fecundo" de nuevas vocaciones. Recibe nuestra oración de sufragio.

02/07/2019 18:00:59 - Sr Carmen e comunità

Ci uniamo alla preghiera di tutte le FMA per la cara Madre Antonia perchè possa godere la visione beatifica di Dio, godere della presenza di Maria SS e dei nostri Santi.per tutto GRAZIE.

02/07/2019 17:59:29 - kathleen Taylor fma

Mother Antonia, Today as I mourn your passing I recall our many encounters and the traces that you have left in my life. I now know I have an advocate in heaven, a woman, who journeyed with me and supported me in my leadership roles.

02/07/2019 17:34:19 - María Victoria Campos Z., FMA

Querida Madre Antonia, al recibir la noticia de tu partida me siento unida a ti en un abrazo fraterno a la Madre y a cada FMA del Instituto. Te imagino en el cielo, con la dulzura en tus labios y la pureza en tu mirada profunda, contemplando al Dios que amaste y enseñaste a amar en esta vida. Cuando viniste a Perú hablamos. Fue un coloquio breve, filial, fraterno y directo, como si te hubiera conocido desde siempre. Eso bastó para seguir comunicándome contigo. Y cuando hace 10 años, concluido tu servicio de animación al Instituto, Dios me regaló visitarte en la Casa Generalizia, me acogiste con el alma abierta, me llamaste por mi nombre y yo... sin dudar me senté a tus pies para escucharte como hija muy amada. Querida madre Antonia, tu ejemplo dejó huella, jamás olvidaré tus palabras y los breves encuentros contigo; en mi vida queda grabado el talante de mujer consagrada con todas las virtudes que te adornaron. Gracias por tanto !! Descansa en paz, ya vives en Dios para siempre.

02/07/2019 16:48:49 - Giovanna Pesenti

I met Mother Antonia when the first time at the Pedagocico, Turin, when I was a temporary professed Sister and she was just back from Lovanio, a psychologist. I was immediately taken by her simplicity and smile. I always admired her and when I met her many years after at the Auxlium, I could not believe she was still unassuming and with lot of patience as if nothing disturbed her. I have many wonderful memories of her, especially when I met her personally and had my chat with her. I also remember having driven her from the Auxilium to meet Mother (St. Theresa) of Kulkutta who was in Rome to see her Sisters the opening of a new presence in Rome. May she enjoy the Lord's presence and pray for her eternal peace.

02/07/2019 16:16:34 - Sr. Maria Trinh - VTN

Carissima Madre Antonia, nel mistero della comunione dei santi, da lassù interceda per noi il dono di conoscere intimamente Cristo sulla terra e di risorgere con Lui insieme a te nell'eterno. Arrivederci!!!

02/07/2019 15:39:29 - Federación Antillana de Exalumnos de las FMA (FANEX)

La Federación Antillana de Exalumnos de las FMA (FANEX) se une al Instituto FMA en el paso a la Casa del Padre de nuestra querida Madre Antonia Colombo. Su visita a nuestra inspectoría, dejó estela luminosa de salesianidad, alegría, amor a los jóvenes, bondad, cercanía. Nuestra plegaria se une a la de todas nuestras salesianas para implorar del Señor , el premio eterno a nuestra querida Madre Antonia y que su testimonio nos siga iluminando en nuestro peregrinar como laicas de la Familia Salesiana.

02/07/2019 15:27:46 - Ir. Carmelita Conceiçao

Gratidão a Deus pela pessoa de Madre Antonia Colombo. Sua presença materna deixou profundas marcas na vida de quem a conheceu pessoalmente, seu olhar profundo e grande coração. Mulher forte, misericordiosa, peregrina da paz. Quando esteve na Amazónia deixou marcas de sua bondade e espírito missionario. Interceda junto a Deus pelas vocações missionárias para o Instituto. Obrigada, Madre Antonia, descanse em paz! Receba a oração de todas as FMA desta imensa Amazonia.

02/07/2019 15:23:51 - Sor Ximena Oyarzo

Agradecemos a Dios por regalarnos en Madre Antonia un hermoso testimonio de Hija de María Auxiliadora plenamente feliz y fiel a la vocación que el Señor le regaló. Su entrega en el Instituto para la salvación de las y los jóvenes, sea impulso nuevo para revitalizar nuestro servicio cotidiano abiertas a la Voluntad de Dios, así como ella lo vivió a ejemplo de María: "hagan lo que Él les diga". Unidas en oración! Sor Ximena Oyarzo y hermanas de la inspectoría chilena.

02/07/2019 15:11:36 - Pier Francesco

Carissima Madre Antonia , grazie per quello che tu mai donato con le tue parole... e la tua costante preghiera per me , sul mio cammino di consacrazione tra i cdb, tu mi hai aiutato sempre Grazie di cuore. Da lassù dove ora ti trovi nella grande Famiglia Salesiana aiutaci sempre Sempre nel cuore del nostro Padre Don Bosco. con affetto .

02/07/2019 14:54:43 - Sor Ena V. Bolaños y Hermanas de CAR

Le aseguro la oración de todas las Hermanas de la Provincia; nos unimos a usted y a todo el Instituto dando gracias por la vida de Madre Antonia Colombo, por el don que ha sido en el Instituto y por sus años de servicio como Madre General. Estamos seguras que ya está gozando de la Vida Plena y desde allá intercede por Usted, por todo el Instituto y por el próximo CG. Reciba el saludo y la oración de todas las Hermanas.

02/07/2019 14:51:03 - Sr. Mary Ann

Il Signore accolga Madre Antonia nel suo braccio misericordioso e la ricompensi per tutto quello che ha fatto per l'Istituto e per tutto quello che lei è stata per ogni FMA. Siamo unite con tutte le nostre sorelle di tutto il mondo a pregare per Madre Antonia. L'affidiamo nelle mani di Maria Ausiliatrice, porta del cielo.

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