The grace of the 90TH Anniversary of FMA presence in Japan

Chofu (Japan). On October 6-16, 2019 the Mother General of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, on the 90th anniversary of FMA presence, visited Alma Mater Province(GIA). The first 6 Daughters of Mary Help of Christians arrived in Japan on December 14, 1929. On October 7, Mother Yvonne Reungoat was welcomed at the Tokyo airport and then by the community of St. Joseph at Chofu.

On October 8, she began her visit to the houses of Nagasaki, Beppu, Hiroshima, Osaka, Hamamatsu, Yamanaka and the various houses of Tokyo for an encounter with the communities, young people, and various members of the Salesian Family. The Pope will also visit Nagasaki, Hiroshima, and Tokyo in the month of November. Mother said, “I came to prepare the way for Pope Francis!” In this way, Mother led us to open our heart to the universal Church and to the world.

At Nagasaki, in addition to the sisters, Mother met the families of our aspirants, students, and Salesian Cooperators among whom there were many parents of our Sisters. She thanked them for having given their daughter or sister to the Institute. All those present were very impressed with Mother’s words and thankful for the encouragement received.

At Hiroshima, at the Peace Park where the Pope will probably pronounce his Peace message, Mother prayed for peace in the world, recalling the places where there are wars.

The next day, she visited the school of Osaka and the three schools of Tokyo, meeting the students and showing her joy.

At Hamamatsu, she visited the Parish where there are many immigrants present and where the FMA for more than a year now have a house and work especially for the integration of their children. Mother exhorted the sisters to continue this mission with courage.

On October 14, about 100 FMA arrived for the encounter with Mother who gave them guidelines for the proclamation of the Gospel and for their life, shedding light on the path toward the centenary. In the afternoon, The Salesian Family Day began with the Eucharistic celebration presided by the Salesian Provincial, Fr. Giacomo Hideaki Hamaguchi and with a good group of SDB. Following this, Mother spoke of her experience in Africa and was available for encounters and photos. Mother enjoyed the songs presented by the Sisters of the Charity of Jesus sung together with our sisters: the Peace Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi and the Ave Maria composed by Fr. Cimatti.

In the second part of her itinerary, a strong typhoon never before experienced, impeded Mother from moving and she changed her program.

The Provincial Community is aware of the numerous graces received from Mary in these 90 years of presence. It was significant that Mother’s visit began on the day of Our Lady of the Rosary and that Mother was able to begin the novena to Mary Help of Christians in Japan.

The 90th becomes a turning point in the journey of renewal in the Province. On many occasions, Mother urged us to build a vocational culture and encouraged us to "go out".


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