Children’s Global Summit

Rome (Italy). From November 27th to 30th 2019 the Children's Global Summit will be held in Rome, the international event that is part of the "I Can" project, inspired by the Encyclical Laudato sì of Pope Francis, which experiences the adoption of the student - centered ‘design for change’ methodological approach.

Promoted by FIDAE, the Federation of Educational Institutions and Activities that associates Italian Catholic schools from the Primary School to the Second Level Secondary School, on the recommendation of the Congregation for Catholic Education of the Holy See. This meeting will have its highlight in the meeting with Pope Francis, who personally supports and supervises the worldwide Design For Change project.

"Design for Change" was born in India in 2009 from an idea by Kiran Bir Sethi and is an international movement that introduces innovation in the classroom, giving children the opportunity to put their ideas into practice to change the world, starting from their environment. In India, the project has inspired children across the country to change one aspect of their lives within their communities, to make them feel they are the protagonists of this change. From "Can I do it?" the message passed to "I Can."

The event in which more than 4,000 people will participate between children and young people (6-18 years of age), accompaniers and parents coming from more than 60 countries, plans a series of activities and among these is the presentation of some of the chosen projects.

The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians adhered to this project as a response to the Document Laudato Sì and due to the fact that in the various phases of each project or story of change “I can – we can’, they perceive a harmony with the Preventive System and with the four fundamental competencies that are typically Salesian: critical thinking, creativity, spirit of communication and collaboration.

Together with the Educating Communities and the Educators, the sisters believe that the young people can change the environment in which they live. This is why many communities of the various Nations in which the FMA are present are developing projects for this initiative.

Of the many carried out, 5 projects from schools in three Countries - Brazil, Chile, and Colombia - will participate in this great world meeting, where children and young people will have the opportunity to present their projects and meet with Pope Francis.

This is the general program of the event:

- 27 November 2019 Welcome, sharing, and knowledge, visit to the city of Rome.

- 28 - 29 November Presentation of the projects carried out, in different locations, by language groups.

- 30 November Audience with Pope Francis in Paul VI Hall.

The FMA communities of Rome will welcome children, young people, and teachers from more than 60 Countries. There will be many participants from the schools in Italy. The Pastoral Sector will follow the event.

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26/11/2019 21:54:46 - Maria de Nazaré G. de Lima ( Ir. )

"Laudato Si" em AÇÃO! Que lindo! Parabéns a tod@s participantes! Como D. Bosco e Madre Mazzarello, é muito gratificante ACREDITAR no potencial d@s interlocutores... e na força da Comunidade Educativa! Que a Mãe Maria, presente nas Bodas de Caná... continue presente e muito atenta a este mega evento... apresente o Papa Francisco e tod@s participantes a Jesus e... com certeza tudo transcorrerá bem, com sabor de VINHO NOVO para todos e todas! PRECES! GRATIDÃO! Viva o nosso Instituto, ELO forte nesta CORRENTE de VIDA! ( Ir. Maria de Nazaré Lima, BCB )

14/11/2019 15:37:43 - Ir. IvoneYared

Estamos felizes em poder participar através de um grupo de alunos de nossa escola neste evento tão importante para eles e para nós. Acreditamos que essa experiência será fundamental para o protagonismo na escola inteira. Nosso projeto é o GREEN BESS BRASIL.

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