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The Celebration of Friendship Menzel Bourguiba (Tunis).
20 Years of collaboration between the FMA school and the Union Tunisienne (UTAIM) were celebrated. The FMA St. John Bosco School belonging to the French province Our Lady of Lourdes has collaborated for more than 20 years with the Union Tunisienne that works with children who have mental difficulties (UTAIM).  On May 6-7  twenty years of friendship were celebrated by the two institutions  that have worked together with good understanding to reach a shared goal: the good of the child had his/her happiness.  The various moments of the celebration were introduced by presentations in Arabic and French.  “The celebration was beautiful”, write our Sisters of
Menzel Bourguiba, “thanks to the collaboration of all.” 
On May 6th, there was a parade throughout the city with the children who exchanged flags.  It left the Sisters’ house and moved toward the agricultural center of UTAIM where there was a lively animation by the young African students of JCAT (Young African Christians in Tunis).  On May 7th, the celebration took place at the FMA school. There were booths set up for the sale of products made by the children of UTAIM who received the proceeds : masks, jams, plants, ironwork articles, and clothing There were many games prepared by the animators, delicious crêpes prepared by a Belgian group, while in the dining room a crowd of young people prepared sandwiches for all.  At 4 PM there was a public performance with dances, songs, and recitations.  The celebration saw the participation of more than 1,600 people.

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