Life in Port-au-Prince

Life in Port-au-Prince Port-au-Prince (Haiti). The situation in Port-au-Prince and in the nearby cities is still very difficult. Yesterday morning there was another shock measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale that did not cause other victims, but did bring much fear to the people. There are many displaced persons, especially among the children who have remaied without parents. Our Sisters are organizing help for a great number of families.

In additon to Petion Ville, where they have set up a camp for 3,500 people, another at Thorland has been organized for 7,000 persons, as Sr. Annecie Audate, animator of that community tells us. Sr. Annecie writes: “We have divided the camp into sectors to facilitate order. We have distributed approximately 800 tents to the people and also distributed water and some help given to us by our Sisters in the Dominican Republic. Every morning we have the celebration of the Holy Mass with all the people present and in the afternoon we pray the rosary and evening prayer together or have adoration.” FMA from different provinces have expressed their readiness to leave for Haiti to help and there are a dozen lay volunteers from our houses in Sonto Domingo who are ready to come. However, because of security problems they still have not been free to come to the areas hit by the earthquake. The FMA of the United States are gathering emergency items to have them on site as soon as possible. We are also recieving help and solidarity from the Sisters of other Religious Institutes in various parts of the world and from many lay people who have been affected by the enormity of the damage caused by the earthquake. Our Sisters in Haiti are giving help to the Sisters of other Congregations who do not have the possibility of receiving assistance from anywhere else.

In particular, with reference to one of them, we are organizing transportation to one of our houses and to the hospital in Santo Domingo tohave them receive adequate care, because their health has been seriously compromised by the grave wounds received in the course of the earthquake.

Life continues in Port –au-prince. Life must continue for all those children who, notwithstanding everything, continue to smile.

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