World Day of Social Communications

World Day of Social Communications Rome (Italy). Pope Benedict XVI has chosen as the theme for the 44th World day of Communications “The priest and ministry in the digital world. The new media at the service of the Word”, accenting the ministry sector of communication in the digital that offers new possibilities for exercising service to the Word and of the Word.

The message is addressed to priests to whom the Holy Father has dedicated this year, but it is open to all who feel a strong call to evangelization.

We read: “The digital world, placing at one's disposition the means that allow for the capacity of unlimited expression, opens notable perspectives and actualizations of the Pauline exhortation: “Woe to me if I do not proclaim the Gospel!” (1Cor 9,16). With this spread, therefore, the responsibility of diffusion not only increases, but makes itself more urgent and reminds us of a more motivated and efficacious commitment.”

Furthermore, ”Presbyters are asked to have the capacity of being present in the digital world in constant fidelity to the evangelical message, to exercise their role of community animators who express themselves ever more frequently through the many ‘voices' that flow through the digital world, and to proclaim the Gospel making use of the traditional means along with the contribution of the new generation of audiovisuals (photos, video, animation, blog, websites) that represent unexpected opportunities for dialogue and useful means even for evangelization and catechesis”.

Benedict XVI emphasizes how living in the new digital spaces offers the opportunity for dialogue even with those who profess other religions and with non-believers: “This is the task of those who, as consecrated persons, work in media . They must pave the way for new encounters, always assuring the quality of human contact and the attention to people and their true spiritual needs; offering people who live in our ‘digital' times the necessary signs to recognize the Lord; giving them the opportunity to educate themselves in the expectation and hope of meeting with the Word of God, which saves and favors the integral person.”

“With the Gospel in hand and heart, it is necessary to see to it that it is also time to continue to prepare ways that lead to the Word of God, without neglecting the dedication of particular attention of one who finds self in the condition of seeking, rather, of trying to keep it alive as the first step of evangelization.”

In the meantime, we indicate the initiative of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) that is organizing a great Congress entitled “Digital Witnesses”. Information can be found at:

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