Center for the Advancement of the Woman

Center for the Advancement of the Woman

San José (Costa Rica). The CECAM.MM, Centro di Capacitación de la Mujer “Maria Mazzarello” ( Mother Mazzarello Training Center for the Woman) is a social program that has as its aim the priority attention to the Costa Rica (CAR) and has it headquarters in Mary Help of Christians School .

The Center proposes to accompany women in the commitment of discovering their potential so that they can gradually assume being conscientious protagonists in the building up of a more humane society.

The Center is an open space for intercultural diversity that seeks to give answers to the need for acceptance and accompaniment of many women who have become immigrants due to poverty and/or war.

They are offered an educational proposal called IPEC ( Istituto Professionale di Educazione Comunitaria ) that proposes to offer efficient and efficacious programs , projects and other expressions proper to the education of adults, to satisfy the basic need for the populations characterized by the exclusion of a formal educational system in an environment of social inequality.

However, there is also a space for evangelization where Gospel values and the integral promotion of the woman are proposed.

To sum up, the educational-pastoral proposal of CECAM MM is organized around three great areas:

Academic Area, with the offering of scholastic journeys beginning from primary school to high school; Apprenticeship with many workrooms for sewing and dressmaking, aesthetics and hairdressing, cooking, accounting, making jewelry, etc. that have different levels of competence; Catechetical area, with sacramental preparation offered to adults and Christian human formation based on evangelical values; Michael Magone Day Care Center for children of different ages, sons and daughters of the women who are taking part in the different courses and activities. This acceptance is supported by Social Service for the students of the Mary Help of Christians School, and by volunteers who offer themselves for support in their studies, for pre-school activities, human formation, crafts and recreational activities for different age groups

The center has as its ultimate goal “to form good Christians and honest citizens.” Our Sisters write: “The principal mission of the center is essentially that of offering to native and immigrant women the place and opportunity to have access to education and integral advancement every Sunday, increasing in them the possibility of inclusion in society, developing their spiritual and bio- psycho-social potential for their progressive, positive insertion into the world of work.

The vision is that of establishing networks and strategic alliances with distinct institutions and ecclesial, educational, government and private organizations to empower, qualify, and accompany the process.”
To date, the women who until now have frequented the program until number 700 and they are from 15-85 years of age, native and immigrants, and have scarce economic resources.

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