One generation speaks of its work to another

One generation speaks of its work to another Rome (Italy). We asked one of the participants in the European Seminar on the Third Age to tell us of her experience since she was directly involved in the event. Sr. Carla Barberi shared with us the rich content lived during these days. «35 FMA-28 provinces-3 interprovincial councils-2 continents! These were the numbers of the “European Seminar on the Third Age” that took place in Rome at the Generalate from February 11-15. The second edition, for the American Continent will find representatives from all the provinces of America united in Mexico from March 5-9. Why so much movement? To provide an answer to the mandate that GC XXII addressed to the General Council, in particular to the Formation Sector, so that they would set in motion a “serious and concrete reflection on the theme of the aging of the Institute.

That our great Family is aging is not news to us. It is enough to look around within the European Continent to verify this phenomenon. The novelty, however, is that the Institute not second among others, has allowed itself to be serious challenged by the solicitation from the Chapter member and has set itself with extraordinary commitment to reflect on our reality. Because the Third Age is in reality, very broad and variegated, ambiguous and ambivalent, it is easily subjected to stereotypes in the cultural context and in the rationalization of the person.

Then too, the formation to and for the third age so necessary to give quality to the years, involves all the phases of life, beginning “from conception”, as was emphasized by one of the four professors that helped us to read the problem.

We carried out the rest of the work drawing from the reflection of the experience and relationships sent to us by the Provincial Councils, community life, and personal experience. The Seminar began with the greeting from Mother General, Mother Yvonne Reungoat and was guided by a team that was to be commended for its attention and timeliness! And, of course, especially by the Spirit of Mary Help of Christians that was with us. We feel almost a blossoming of GCXXII. The sense of responsibility and belonging was no less present!».

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25/10/2010 - Ir. Maria Luisa Spitti

è molto importante lo studio sulla terza età che l`Istituto sta facendo, ci aiuterà a capire e capirci meglio per una giusta valorizazione delle persone. Vorrei sapere se ci sono gia le traduzioni del documento. Grazie, grazie tanto

22/02/2010 - Americo Rolim

Amei de paixão! como dizem os jovens. A sociedade está voltada para esta etapa da vida . O governo brasileiro tem políticas públicas para atender a quem já construiu a história... Valorizar, no sentido mais genuino da espiritualidade salesiana/FMA é a oportunidade de assumirmos com sabedoria o entardecer de nossas vidas. O Capítulo Geral XXII está de parabéns pela proposta inovadora. Parabéns ao Conselho Geral pela prontidão em acolher a tão divina inspiração. Nossa gratidão! Ir. Josefa Americo Rolim - IMM-Brasil/Belo Horizonte

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