FMA Videoconference

FMA Videoconference Rome (Italy). The project for Distance Formation in Education-Communication- Evangelization- is about to begin in continuity with the reflection begun in previous years. This expresses a need which evolved from the last General Chapter. It is a combined proposal by the Social Communications (SC) and Youth Ministry (YM) Sectors to offer a contribution to the felt need to proclaim the Good News to young people and to animate a process of growth in the responsibility of self-formation in meeting the Communications culture and the newness of the Gospel. The encounters will be held in Rome, at the Generalate on three Saturdays: 6-13-20 of March, and will take place at two different times (2pm and 7pm Italian time) to give the FMA coordinators of the whole world the possibility for online participation. In practice, it will be like the organization of a great virtual classroom where, in addition to listening the proposed report, there will be the possibility to interact and enter into a discussion.

The method is that of a Videoconference that will allow for the networking of the SC and YM Coordinators, the relative Commissions and other persons who intend to participate in the journey of online formation.

In the preparatory phase of the Videoconference Provincials and Coordinators will be involved in a sharing and exchange of materials around the chosen themes through the use of the Net (Databank). These are the themes proposed for the three encounters: To integrate the Gospel in today's culture (by Bishop Domenico Pompili, Director of the Social Communications Office CEI); The encounter with Jesus of Nazareth in the light of youth languages (by the same Presenter); Connections and synergy between Social Communications and Youth Ministry in the service to the province ( animated by the Councilors Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales and Sr. Giuseppina Teruggi).

During recent days online contact was made with all the course participants so that each one could obtain the necessary technical means, since this is the first experience of this type in the Institute. In numerical terms this is the picture of participants: 63 provincials attending, 457 participants, 106 location where they are found.

Many provincials have spoken of their availability to participate in all or at least some of the encounters. Further information will be sent.


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07/03/2010 - Sr Luisa Moscoso

Gracias por esta linda iniciativa, ayer hemos gozado las participantes y las que de cerca seguíamos el entusiasmo de las que esban en línea, gracias de corazón querido “Instituto “ que el Evangelio llegue a nuestros jóvenes allí donde ellos están. Gracias ! en unión de gozo por el Reino vuestra hermana Luisa

05/03/2010 - Sor Mayela

Un saludo, una gran felicitación y un deseo porque la pasión educativa evangelizadora crezca en todo el instituto. Qué debo hacer para participar? Unida en la alegría de estar en esta nueva frontera de evangelización, allí donde "navegan" los jóvenes. Unida en oración misión Sor Mayela Campos C fma CAR

05/03/2010 - Amparo del S. López Alarcón

El contenido puesto a mi disposición, abre perspectivas de entendimiento y entusiasmo. Gracias por todo. Con mi saludo y augurios en tan urgente labor, SorAmparo

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