Great Stories, Great women

Great Stories, Great women

Turin (Italy). This is the slogan which District 5 of Turin used in the organisation of a special celebration for International Women's Day. It was not the usual celebration meeting, and maybe even the mimosa took on a special meaning at this event.

When the mimosa starts to blossom, their splashes of yellow proclaim that the season is changing and spring is at hand. Starting from a suggestion of the President of District 5, Dr. Paola Bragantini, together with her Council, research was initiated into the signs of change in the area. They were found by retracing the story and action of four women who, in their day to day lives, through their choices, which often went against the current, and with their courage in giving a voice to those who had none, contributed to the development of this great suburb, wrongly seen as a ghetto.

In the large exhibitions hall of the District, they retraced the footsteps of four significant stories: those of two partisans, of the president of a Volunteer Association and of an FMA, Sr. Angela Cardani.

In his presentation of her, the coordinator of the Fifth District Commission, Dr. Antonio Ciavarra, retraced the journey that she, together with her Sisters and thanks to the support of the Province, had undertaken in the streets, the houses and the hearts of the people of Vallette.

This journey had long been prepared for by her predilection for young people. She was not content to merely take note of school drop-out, the destruction of the environment, the disadvantages suffered by women, the fragility of the family unit. Looking with the eyes of the heart, she saw potential that could be helped to evolve, capacity for love and relationships to be guided, aptitudes to be discovered.

The motives given by the Vice President of the Regional Council, Roberto Placido, for the presentation of the silver medal and the plaque of gratitude to Sr. Angela made the participation and the applause even more heartfelt. On the one hand gratitude was expressed, as the plaque states, for commitment on behalf of the weakest in the area, and on the other, esteem was expressed for an association, a cooperative, an educating community – Vides Main – who are attempting to rewrite the Preventive System today in a difficult context.

This moment of joy was made more complete by the family style in which it was lived. Absolutely everyone was there: Sisters, volunteers, local people, friends, representatives of the Province, and the Provincial Vicar, Sr. Fernanda Salusso.

We conclude the chronicle of this day with some words of gratitude written by Sr. Angela: “I feel that this little piece of the history of Vallette was written by more than one hand: by the hand of God in the first place, by our Congregation that allowed us to live this rather different experience, by the educators, by the volunteers who share the same passion for education, by the families who trusted us and , certainly not least, by the institutions. So, if we are speaking of merit, we share it and we all thank each other for the family spirit that exists among us and for the adventure we are living together. My thanks becomes prayer for each one of you, that God who loves us all, no matter what faith we belong to, may accompany you and help you to look on this area with enthusiasm and optimism...”

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