Meeting with women at São Marcos

Meeting with women at São Marcos

São Marcos (Brail). During the month of March dedicated to women, the FMA of the community of , São Marcos, (Laurinda Dias, Ivone Goulart, Elizângela Arruda, Aparecida Zeferino, and the volunteers Josina Silva and Andressa Eloisa) planned to visit various villages inhabited by the indigenous population and to promote meetings with women in preparation for Easter. Sr. Elza Ribeiro di Barra do Garças was sent to speak with the women because having been to these places three times she is well known in all the villages even by the elderly.

The first encounter took place on March 20, in the village of Jesus de Nazaré , in the presence of Eurípia of the Children's Ministry and president of the Alimentary Council of the State. 29 women and 3 men participated.

The second meeting took place on March 23 in the village of Vila Maria , which was difficult to reach because of road problems and the FMA had to leave their vehicle and go the rest of the way by foot. During the journey they were able to enjoy the beauty of nature which at this time year sees the growth of manioc, corn, beans, potatoes, peanuts and fruit. There the FMA met with 10 women and 5 men.

The third meeting took place on March 24, in the village of Nova Jerusalém where 16 women were present.

On the morning of the 26th there was a fourth meeting at the village of Aparecida . Here there was a Eucharistic Celebration presided by Father Miguel Gaya who then made himself available for anyone who wanted to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The meeting with the women saw the presence of 18 women.

During the afternoon there was another meeting at Salvador, where it was possible to speak with 26 women and 3 men. On the morning of March 27th the sixth meeting took place in the village of Santissima Trinità. To arrive here the FMA had to cross dangerous bridges and crumbling roads. There were 8 women and 4 men present. Among the women there were also two from the Inkas village.

In the evening, we had the seventh meeting at Fatima village with 32 women and 3 men.
We concluded with the possibility for the people to approach the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Following this there was the celebration of the festivities for Palm Sunday presided by the pastor Fr. Osmar Resende, of the parish of Our Lady Help of Christians.

The children and the waptés were all painted for this event , were very beautiful and they sang with enthusiasm. The community gathered for the celebration and remained even though it was raining. The return trip was very difficult for the FMA because the roads were very slippery and the fact that the car was small did not help. It seemed as though night had swallowed up the day.

On the 28th they reached the village of Guadalupe, where there was the Eucharistic Celebration of Palm Sunday with the procession of branches, presided by Fr. Osmar accompanied by the cleric Douglas Crystiano. After the ceremony there was the conclusion of the knitting and weaving course for the women of this village held by Sr. Maria Aparecida Zeferino. The eighth encounter gathered 33 women and 2 Men.

During the late afternoon of the same day they also visited the village of Sagrada Família where they met with 17 women. In all the nine meetings, the FMA had the possibility of approaching approximately 189 women and 20 men. In all of these encounters there were many children who were present with their mothers and who came to play and who anxiously awaited the conclusion of the meetings to receive a welcome snack. These encounters were made possible thanks to the support and economic help of the Pontifical Missionary Works, by the World Federation of the Past Pupils through the NGO Not one Less and by the benefactor Ercole Lucchini.

The meetings will continue during the months of April, May and June. The FMA intend to reach 80% of the 33 villages of this reserve, meanwhile, the courses continue. In April it is expected that there will be one in knitting and weaving in the village of Fátima, and one of cloth painting in the village of Jesus de Nazaré and in that of Aparecida, courses for decorating slippers in the villages of N. S. das Graças and in that of Hu uhi

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