An unexpected edition of the “Mornese Project ”

An unexpected edition of the “Mornese Project ”

For years now we wanted to extend the Mornese Project not only to FMA but also to men and women with whom we share the charism. Finally our desire has become a reality!

During these days in Rome there has begun a truly surprising and special meeting for 16 laypersons and 16 FMA from 11 Spanish Speaking provinces.

On April 7th,2010, the group met with la Madre for a brief presentation and an exchange of reflections. It was an encounter marked by a sense of wonderment and gratitude. Wonderment on the part of the laity at having been chosen by the province to participate in the Mornese Project and gratitude for this “privilege” and great sense of responsibility in not betraying the trust received.

Wonderment on the part of the FMA, la Madre and all of us in seeing the joy of the laity and their clear awareness of finding themselves before the unique opportunity to deepen the charism from the sources, from the places of origin. Almost all expressed to la Madre their commitment to value this gift to spread Salesian spirituality in their workplace, in families and among the children and young people entrusted to them They feel the responsibility of vocational guidance among the young people and their own lay vocation that could be an evangelical proposal for many students.

All of these people occupy places of responsibility in our educational works. These are a few of their qualifications: school principals ( a woman is a “Salesian” principal in a school where the FMA are no longer present!), legal representatives of a school, a pedagogical director, scholastic medical personnel, lawyer, collaborator in the administrative sector on the province level, school manager, ministry coordinator, director of a center for the advancement of women, animator for the leaders in the Salesian Youth Movement.

La Madre rejoiced with them for the seriousness with which they want to journey in the footsteps of Don Bosco and Maria Domenica Mazzarello and encouraged them to give an ever more lively face to the charism in the environment in which they work , giving color to the sketch begun by Don Bosco and believing that the charism can give new responses to the new poverties of the young people and families in all cultures.

Something great was experienced in the meeting. Though we had never met before, there was among us a profound harmony in that all were united in the same educational charism. A close relationship connected us and it was as though we had always known one another, so great was the open, lively dialogue among us. If the beginning of the Project was so beautiful, what will it be like for us after having lived the experience of an encounter with Don Bosco, Mother, Mazzarello and Mary Help of Christians ?

We'll let you know upon our return!

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12/04/2010 - Patricia Agüero de Selva

Desde Mendoza, Argentina, hemos leído las buenas noticias que aparecen en el blog sobre el proyecto Mornese.Con gran alegría las compartimos , hay copia impresa en las respectivas salas de docentes . Enviamos todo nuestro cariño a Mónica y a Armando y a cuantos están participando de una experiencia tan maravillosa.Besos.Patricia

12/04/2010 - ROSA RESTREPO A

sabía de esta experiencia por una de las participantes que conocí en Paraguay antes de viajar a Roma. A nosotras ex alumnas comprometidas en la labor de la animación en Medellín Colombia nos gustaría conocer más en que consiste este PROYECTO y saber que hay que hacer para participar en el. A quienes gozan de este privilegio nuestro saludo y nuestras oraciones para que brillen con las enseñanzas de nuestros fundadores.

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