Land, History, Book, Charism

Land, History, Book, Charism

Jerusalem (Israel). For the second time in six years The Jerusalem Project is in act. 16 FMA are living the three month experience from March 1 to the end of May, 2010. It is a vital meeting with the Word, with an in depth study of the biblical roots of the Salesian charism, in direct contact with the places that have seen the realization of the mystery of salvation. Coordinating the group is Sr. Dulce Hirata, who has had proven experience both for content, organization, and as a guide in the historical places and with Sr. Maria Ko, whose biblical competence unites the capacity for a propositive presence that empowers communion and contributes toward the creating of an opportune climate. For the first time a Benedictine Sister is a participant in the group. The generous, efficacious and open support of the FMA community residing in Jerusalem is fundamental.

The Project is revealing more and more the vital process of renewal, the precious experience of listening and meeting with the Word, the singular opportunity for a personal meeting with the Lord Jesus, the journey to qualify self to educate the young people to a meeting with the Word of God.

There are many opportunities to meet with experts on specific themes and to pause at the holy places, easily accessible to our house in Jerusalem.

On Sunday, April 11 th during an evaluation morning with the presence of the General Councilor Sr. Giuseppina Teruggi, the participants grouped their reflections on the elements that unify the process in act: Land, History, Book, and Charism. The sharing brought out the completely positive resonance of the journey of this first period of the beginning of the Project. The various voices wove a chorus of gratitude for the accompaniment of the guides and for the welcoming environment, of becoming aware of the singular experience that has the strength to change one's life, of the awareness of being sent by the provinces, and conscious, therefore, of the responsibility of being entrusted with the gift to spread it to many Sisters and young people of the educating community. All emphasized the efficacy of the method that favored a serious community journey and personal initiative; the contact with the history and geography of the places and theological, Salesian confrontation; feeling one's self to be community and the options for personal study.

The attention and fundamental preoccupation of this period-brought out a few-is only the Word of God, which can be experienced in a unique way in an ideal context. This allowed for the surfacing of positive energies present in each person because when one is centered on the Word, reality assumes different positive, regenerating, meanings. Even wounds are healed with greater ease and relationships among people assume the character of depth and openness in the trust and acceptance of diversity.

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15/04/2010 - ir. Liduina Maciel

Eu tive a graça de fazer e viver esta rica experiencia. Tenho crescido muito com a base que recebi neste recando do paraiso terrestre. O amor pela palavra de Deus e quando se tem é mais fácil oferecer, com palavra e com a vida-testemunho. Aproveitem caras irmãs. jamais somos as mesma. Obrigada Ir. Dulce, tenho conseguido tempo para repassar algo que recebi ai. com afeto.Liduina. Abraço cada uma.

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