First place for the “Ita Marzotto” award for solidarity

First place for the “Ita Marzotto” award for solidarity

Valdagno (Italy). First place for the “Ita Marzotto” award for solidarity for Vides of Valdagno. During recent days, the volunteer association that has been working in the city of Valdagno since 1997, received recognition with an award of 3 thousand Euros as support for the work it is doing. The award was given by the Elderly Workers Association “Gaetano Marzotto”, in memory of Ita Marzotto.

Present at the award ceremony were representatives of approximately fifty associations that work in the city. Diverse political and administrative authorities have emphasized the importance of giving visibility to the world of volunteering to re-launch coordination by networking.

What was recognized in those who work in social volunteering was the importance of maintaining a high level of sensitivity and attention to culture and solidarity in the city.

The Vides project that received the award was “Together We Can”, which occupies itself with literacy, information and assistance in a multiethnic key. For more than ten years it has been working at the side of those in need. It began in Valdagno in 1997 with the experience of “Telephone a friend”. Since 2002, the activity has been centered on Italian courses addressed to migrant citizens.

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