Finally, A Truce

Finally, A Truce Since August 14th, Lebanon has not heard the sound of bombs, and the people have begun to see how much destruction 33 days of war has caused. The bombardments took out telephone lines and therefore impeded Internet connections. But as soon as possible, Sr. Lina Abou Naoum, an FMA from Lebanon, wrote to us again continuing to narrate events through an eyewitness account. She has always said that it was important for her to write because this kept a door open on the world. Now her writing takes on the form of an appeal: “Dear friends, dearest sisters and brothers, allow me to write one letter to all in which I want to express all the gratitude of the community of Hadath Baalbeck for the support you have expressed and offered abundantly during the 33 days of cruel warfare. I returned to Lebanon after 9 days of bombardment, entering through Syria before the bombs impeded every access. From that time on, I have tried to be brave, going out twice daily to buy what was necessary: food, medicine and other indispensable items for entire families that sought refuge in our school every night. At my third attempt in going out, a bomb surprised me at a distance of 50 meters and obliged me to a prudent return home. That bomb destroyed a house, killing the father of a family who was only 32 years old, and wounding six people, among whom was one of our 5 year old students. During the last three days of war, the bombs fell closer and closer to our area, and for this reason the number of refugees continued to rise. Right before my eyes , only forty minutes before the cease-fire, set for 8 AM on August 14th, a bomb hit a car in a street near our school. I then asked all, men and women, not to go out until the ceasefire was definite. On August 15th, the Feast of the Assumption, we left the house for the first time. We could not hold back the sentiments of anguish and sadness that we experienced in seeing adults and children crying bitterly for their deceased relatives. According to official Lebanese sources, the 33 infernal days of war caused:
- 1,145 deaths (a number destined to rise because there are many people still dispersed) of which 30% were children under 11 years of age.
- 3,600 wounded, made invalid and mutilated. Many are in grave condition.
- 973,334 Lebanese who took refuge at the interior of Lebanon, while almost 220,000 who had left the Nation before communication by land,sea and air were interrupted. Structural damage is calculated at 6 billion dollars. Airports, a aqueducts, electrical centers, fuel distributors, 630 KM of roads, 147 bridges, 150,000 houses destroyed and an equal number requiring urgent maintenance work to make them inhabitable again. Industries, business establishments, marketplaces ,stores…so much damage. This is not even taking into account TV, radio and telephone services that were bombed over and over again and rehabilitated as soon as possible. Furthermore, 140km of shoreline were blackened by petroleum from factories and bombed warships. This blocked every activity and every sign of life along the Lebanese coast. The war unleashed in the midst of summer caused us to lose the tourist season, ruined agricultural goods for the lack of harvest possibilities and deprived million of Lebanese people of their jobs. The war upset everything and did not only destroy a great part of our Nation, but also our programs, plans, and our dreams. Now we need to invent others so as to be able to regain the desire to work. We thought that war was merely a word in our ancient dictionary, instead, we must now take up the exhausting task of rebuilding Lebanon for the seventh time. No words are sufficient to speak of the gratitude of the whole community of Hadath Baalbeck for the support you have expressed in different ways. Our trial has been great, but your love and support has also been great. Thank you. Continue to support us also with gestures of solidarity for the work of the reconstruction of our Nation and our works. We want to be able to help those who have been left with nothing and who turn to us so as to be able to continue to hope.”

Chi volesse contribuire con un sostegno in denaro, può versare il suo contributo di solidarietà alla nostra sede centrale che provvederà a farlo pervenire direttamente all'ispettoria del Medio Oriente Gesù Adolescente

per trasferenze bancarie conto intestato a:
Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice
Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano n. 81
00139 ROMA
Numero del conto bancario: 000006400X49
Banca Popolare di Sondrio Agenzia 1 Roma
Codici: CIN M ABI 05696 CAB 03201
causale: emergenza Libano
Coordinate bancarie Internazionali IT 20 M 05696 03201 000006400X49
Coordinate bancarie nazionali M 05696 03201 000006400X49
per trasferenze mediante conto corrente postale (solo per l’Italia) conto intestato a:
Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice direzione generale
Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano n. 81
00139 ROMA
Numero del conto corrente postale: 53466009
causale: emergenza Libano

Le somme versate saranno tempestivamente devolute a destinazione

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