Mother in Thailand. Welcome Mother! To the land of smiles.

Mother in Thailand. Welcome Mother! To the land of smiles. Sampran (Thailand) On May 13th. Feast of Mother Mazzarello, the Thailand province, dedicated in fact, to St. Mary Mazzarello, had the joy of welcoming Mother Yvonne Reungoat.

Early in the morning, the provincial Sr. Agnese Nipha Rangabpit went with some of the Council members to meet Mother at the airport and bring her to the Community of Sampran. There she was gladly welcomed by the sisters, teachers, young people, young volunteers (SSYV), by the children of the school and also the representatives of the Salesian Family. Their joy was expressed in songs, speeches, flowers and happy smiles.

In the afternoon, Mother went to visit the community of the Narivooth school in Banpong. The sisters, teachers, past pupils, young volunteers (SSYV) and the salesian Cooperators – about 100 people in all – sang and danced their welcome in Thai style, in the name of all the teachers of the FMA schools in Thailand.

On this occasion, Mother addressed her words to the teachers. She thanked them for their collaboration in the education of the young, for helping them to grow in every way, though this is not easy at times. She then invited them to always have courage in their educative mission.

Towards evening, all those who were present, as well as some Volunteers of DB and domestic helpers, participated with Mother Yvonne, in the Mass in honour of St. Mary Mazzarello, which was celebrated by a Salesian priest in the sisters' chapel.

On 14th about 50 sisters arrived in Sampran from the community of Haaydyai in the south of the country, and they were joined by 5 other communities from the central part, and by the Animators and the Provincial Coordinators.

During the morning, Mother shared with the FMA the richness of her experience as a missionary, as animator at various levels of the government of the Institute and presently as Mother General. Mother Yvonne exhorted those present to be passionate about their vocation, to render the charism in Thailand luminous and contagious and to revive faith in their vocation.

The FMA write: “ She renewed in us the awareness that each one of us is the Institute, and therefore each of us must feel responsible for the educative mission, whose importance demands “quality” because “the young are the society of tomorrow”; we must be able to help them know how to value God's plan for their lives”. Reguarding vocation to consecrated life, Mother recalled in a firm way that every FMA is reponsible for how the young correspond to their vocation; she must know how to accompany them, not just with words but with their lives. Mother raised a very important question for all present: “ what are the signs which God gave us so as to respond to his love?

In the evening there was a meeting with the Animators and the Provincial Coordinators. Mother talked with them about the importance of coordination for communion in love; about the quality of formation so as to ensure mutual accompaniment: “ She knows how to accompany who allows herself to be accompanied”; collaboration at all levels among the FMA, laity and young people, fidelity which is dynamic, creative and responsible in daily prayer, in listening to the word of God, in receiving the Sacraments, in daily celebration of the Eucharist which helps us become more united in communion with the Lord. These are the means, more than others which will help us as persons to grow in love; they are the foundation of our Salesian mission. Mother concluded by inviting all to grow together in the quality of their love.

Mother's presence in the province, particularly at this delicate time for the country was an eloquent sign of her nearness, of communion and of hope.

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19/05/2010 - Sr Benedicte Pitti

Grazie di cuore per le belle notizie! Tanti saluti a Sr Agnese e anche a Sr Nuanchan, Sr Suranaree et Sr Panthip, le mie compagne di noviziato ! Buon onomastico a lei, carissima Madre ! Noi dal Belgio preghiamo tanto per il vostro paese in questo periodo difficile !

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