Intercession to Mary for an end to violence

Intercession to Mary for an end to violence

Manaus (Brazil). In the city of Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon Forest, the feast of Mary Help of Christians had a particular character recalling the reality of the young people of the country who are frequently the victims of violence. On May 24th, the educating community of the Educational Center of St. Teresina (CEST) sponsored a parade to promote life. In addition to the students, parents, teachers, and FMA, the event saw the participation of many people from the area where the school is located. The celebration began in the church of São José Operário and concluded in the sanctuary of São José annexed to the FMA Institute.

Through hymns and prayer the participants asked the intercession of the Virgin Mary to put an end to violence against young people. The initiative had as its aim to sensitize all to the National campaign against the “extermination of young people”. After the parade, the pupils of the school visited the institutions for rehabilitation and assistance for children and young people. In addition to their affection, students brought food and other essential goods. On May 29th, all the schools of Manaus participated in the Caminhada Mariana . This year's theme was: "Walking with Mary in defense of the life of young people”. On May 31st,the homage to Mary concluded with the coronation of her image.

In Brazil, unfortunately, there is a high, alarming index of urban violence. Young people, especially male adolescents, are the greatest number of homicide victims . The majority of the deaths are in relation to drug trafficking or road accidents.

The same phenomenon also affects children. In 1990  there was the approval of the Statute for the Protection of Children and Adolescents, but concrete steps in this area are still lacking.

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