MGS Triveneto: beginning of course for animators

MGS Triveneto: beginning of course for animators

More than 180 ecclesial groups, mostly from Triveneto, will participate in the Animators' Course 2010, fruit of close collaboration between the Salesians of the Northeast, the FMA of the Mother Mazzarello province of Triveneto and the Association of Salesian Cooperators. Those farthest away will come from Costanza (Rumania) and from Mogyorod (Hungary); approximate 2100 young people will participate, 120 as staff and 90 as assistants; there will be 16 teams that will operate contemporaneously in various formative moments.

The project consists in the realization of a Course for Animators that has the scope of forming young people from 14-18 years of age with the intention of making them capable of educating through animation according to the Preventive System of Don Bosco. The animators are young and very young, animators who, while journeying toward their own human and Christian maturity, are forming themselves in service in their own ecclesial reality.

The aim of the Animators' Courses that will take place at the Salesian places in Bardolino (VR), Udine and Mestre, consists primarily in leading the young people to discover how to reinforce in them the desire for God. “I have been following these experiences for several years now”, said Fr. Igino Biffi, youth ministry delegate, “and the impression that I get each time is that young people have within themselves a great desire for God and they want to do so seriously.”

The Animator's Course also has the scope of discovering that life is complete when it is fully given: “It is beautiful when we see that the young people become aware of being a gift for the world and for the Church”, said Sr. Anna Peron, Youth Ministry Councilor, “and for this reason we want to help these young people to passionately and competently exercise their activity in oratories, youth centers, parishes, in the welcome communities, in groups…”

In order to offer a gradual formation, the courses are carried out on four levels based on age. Each group was characterized by a biblical figure: David, the Twelve, St. Paul, and Mary. These are travel companions who indicate by their example how to become credible witnesses in the midst of young people.

This will be carried out daily from June 12-18 in two sessions (12-15 and 16-18of June) scheduled between formative times during the morning (that bring to light the anthropological and apostolic aspects of being an animator), many practical workshops in the afternoon, times of prayer that have been well prepared and that foresee good participation, evenings of games and cheerfulness.

“We want these young people to be helped to discover that ‘truly, there is nothing more beautiful than meeting and communicating Christ to all' (Benedict XVI). This is what was proposed by the Organizers, by the Rector Major Fr. Pascual Chàvez, last January 31 in the Basilica of Mary Help of Christians n Turin when he told the young people of the SYM: ‘ You can be the mouth through which God continues to speak to human beings…You can be the eyes that know how to see in the darkness of the world…You can be the ears which, in the midst of noise and the music from iPods succeeding in hearing what no longer seems audible, the voice of those who cry out, who implore help, who invoke respect and dignity and who ask for justice and bread.'”

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