Interprovincial CIEM conference - Europe-Middle East

Interprovincial CIEM conference - Europe-Middle East Sr. Carla Castellino

I am very happy to have the opportunity to present CIEM the Interprovincial Conference of Europe-Middle East. It is one of the younger, more complex conferences and more varied because of the number of provinces/pre-provinces that comprise it and because of the variety of contexts, histories, languages, and rituals.
It is one of the three interprovincial conferences of the European Continent along with the CII, the Interprovincial Italian Conference, and CIEP, the Interprovincial Conference of Spain and Portugal.

CIEM is 12 years old, and has had a brief journey that was not easy, yet was very interesting, beginning from its birthplace and date of birth, Mornese, October 15, 1998.
At the beginning it was made up of 12 Provinces Austria, Southern Belgium, Northern Belgium, the Czech Republic/Lithuania, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland-Warsaw, Poland-£omianki, Slovenia/Croatia, and Slovakia) and was called CIED, the Interprovincial Conference of the Twelve...


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