With the Pope on the way of dialogue

With the Pope on the way of dialogue The strong worldwide reaction brought about by the discourse of our Holy Father Benedict XVI, at Regensburg has strengthened in every Daughter of Mary Help of Christians solidarity and absolute fidelity to the Church and the person of the Pope.
We transcribe the letter that Mother General, M. Antonia Colombo, has addressed in this circumstance to Benedict XVI.

Holy Father,
It is a heartfelt need to make myself present, also in the name of the Sisters of the General Council and of all the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, in order to express to you our full and sincere support of your Magisterium.
We share with you the pursuit of dialogue among religions and we desire to commit ourselves to pursue it in the educative mission that we carry out in different cultural and religious contexts.

In this time full of challenges and rich in new ferments of good, you, Holy Father, are a sure point of reference. It is encouraging to have confidence in a future of hope marked by reason - illuminated by faith - that rejects intolerance and violence. The reciprocity of dialogue points out to us the way to build a civilization founded on respect for differences and on the appreciation of the instances of good that unite people and religions.

In prayer we entrust to Mary your mission of unity and peace in the service of the Church and of all humanity.

Sister Antonia Colombo


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