A big workshop of life

A big workshop of life

Rome (Italy). A big workshop of life is the title given to a DVD produced by the Don Bosco Missions and made by the Don Bosco Media Center in Turin , in collaboration with the Social Communications Sector. It was sent to all the provinces of the Institute a few weeks ago.

The video tells the story of the Italian Hospital in Damascus , the only hospital in the world run by the FMA.

The recent history of the capital of Syria is interwoven with the missionary spirit of the FMA who agreed to a request made to them in 1913 by the National Association for Assistance to Italian Missionaries Abroad (ANSMI). The work has survived two world wars. On more than one occasion the hospital was occupied by soldiers and the Sisters were forced to leave it and take refuge in Bethlehem . On their return they adapted to working as nurses in the hospital which was still occupied by the government. After the end of the second world war, they were given complete charge of it again.

The story of the hospital alternates with the history of the city of Damascus , almost symbolising how the work of the FMA is capable of adapting to change in order to offer concrete responses to real needs.

From the words of the patients, the health director and the FMA, one can see the missionary spirit with which they work in the wards and the care of life that is provided especially to the poor.

The video could be used for a reflection on life, missionary spirit, or inter-faith dialogue.

The DVD also contains some extra material which looks at the historic and religious sites, presenting Damascus as the fourth city of Islam (after Mecca , Medina , and Jerusalem ) and as the city of Paul for Christians. Here rites and cultures intertwine, making this land a special place.

From October 10 to 24, the Synod for the Middle East will take place. I twill have as its theme: The Catholic Church of the Middle East : communication and witness. Looking at the DVD could be an opportunity to get to know at least a bit about one of the most interesting countries and feeling close to our Sisters who work in the Middle Eastern Province Gesù Adolescente (MOR).

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09/11/2015 16:03:35 - Sr. Lillian Foxx, FMA

Is there a place to find this DVD on line? The one our house received does not have an English audio track. Powerful images - just want to be able to share it with a wider audience. Thank you.


iniziativa molto interessante, sono un`exallieva catechista e vorrei tanto ricevere il video da mostrare ai miei ragazzi : come posso averlo? fatemi sapere grazie, grazie, grazie

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