CES Don Bosco begins a new journey

CES Don Bosco begins a new journey

Madrid (Spain). On October 6, the community of the Don Bosco Centre of University Teaching (CES), Madrid , celebrated the official inauguration of its course. The inaugural lecture was given by Professor Eugenio Martínez Falero, president of ACAP (The Agency for Quality Accreditation and Perspectives of the University of Madrid). The theme was: Excellence in University Education.

This was a very relevant theme since CES will now be granting University Degrees instead of Teaching and Social Education Diplomas. This is a real commitment, given that one of the objectives of their institute is: “To be a university teaching centre that, taking its place with competence in the knowledge based society, wants to contribute to the building up of the area of Higher Education in Europe. It is committed to quality, excellence and the development and consolidation of the Centre”.

A special event marked this day: the conferring of the AENOR Certification that accredits it as a Centre of excellence for University Teaching. Those who will benefit from this are the 500+ new students and the 1500 who continue their studies and, in general, the University Community who share a quality educational plan.

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