A world to be rebuilt

A world to be rebuilt

Sr. Lina Abou Naoum writes from Lebanon, telling us more about the weeks since the war ended. “This month has been very busy.  During the 33 days of war we seemed paralyzed, we could not even read a book or work and afterwards we spent about three weeks without knowing if normal life could really begin again.  Now, since the beginning of the month, we are running to catch up on all the preparation needed for the teachers and activities to open the school on October 9th.   The school is starting late because of the work to re-build the whole of Lebanon: classrooms are destroyed, as are roads and bridges.   The country is finding it difficult to be reborn and everyone finds it hard to start from the beginning again. 
To prepare everything as best we can, I spend the mornings with the teachers and the in the afternoon I receive the parents of our pupils in the office.  I would be ready work day and night without a break to see the school open because this will give people the feeling that the war will not start again.
Recently, in Lebanon, two large demonstrations were organised by opposing political sides, first Hezbollah restated their right to keep their arms until Israel withdraws from the territory taken from Lebanon and until international guarantees are in place.  The second demonstration was by another Lebanese current of thought that favours dialogue and encourages the extremists to lay down their arms.
The truth is we do not yet experience true peace.  Everything seems calm but a new spark could precipitate the situation either within Lebanon or with Israel again.  Therefore I hope that school will start  so we will not feel we are at war.
We have great plans for the new school year, in which our aims will be:
- To live peace in a different way
- To combat violence
- To re-awaken art (beauty and art as a means of giving new birth to positive images and sentiments in the hearts of our pupils) 
A group of teachers has insisted on painting pictures of aeroplanes in their classrooms stressing that they are a way of travelling and discovering the world.  They want to blot out from the minds of their pupils the fear of the planes that destroyed Lebanon.
We feel the need to begin afresh”.

Anyone wishing to contribute financial help can send their offering of solidarity to our Centre, which will see to sending it directly to the Middle Eastern Province of  Gesù Adolescente.
For bank transfers, send to:
Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice
Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano n. 81
00139 ROMA
Account number: 000006400X49
Banca Popolare di Sondrio Agenzia 1 Roma
Codici: CIN M ABI 05696 CAB 03201
Reason: Emergency in Lebanon
Coordinate bancarie Internazionali IT 20 M 05696 03201 000006400X49
Coordinate bancarie nazionali M 05696 03201 000006400X49
For postal current account transfers (Italy only) send to:
Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice direzione generale
Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano n. 81
00139 ROMA
Numero del conto corrente postale: 53466009
Reason: Emergency in Lebanon

The money sent will be forwarded to its destination speedily.  

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