Disciples and Missionaries of Christ

Disciples and Missionaries of Christ We recently met with Sr. Amalia Orozco Garcia, a Mexican FMA who has been working for years on the level of the Mexican Episcopal Conference for catechesis and indigenous culture.  With a group of 29 pilgrims she left from Mexico City on
September 13th, not for tourism, but to travel once again the journeys of the early Christians in the Holy Land. They would spend 10 days in the Holy Land and 10 in Rome.  The group included the bishop of the diocese of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, Felipe Padilla Cardona, two priests, Eleazar Franco of the Puebla Archdiocese , Silverio Perez, of the Prelature of the Mixes, thirty laypersons of various indigenous ethnic groups who work in the evangelization and catechesis of their culture, and six Sisters.
Sr. Amalia told us how her work is inserted into a pastoral and diocesan journey where she, with her Vocalia (department of episcopal commission), seeks to form indigenous catechists so that they will know how to better express the truth of the Gospel beginning from their culture.
Evangelizing every culture beginning from their own representatives…this is what is proposed.  The different ethnicities are bearers of riches, but every culture, Sr. Amalia reminds us, if directed only inwardly, runs the risk of dying.  They must, therefore, look to the Gospel and the message of Jesus, seeking the suitable manner to proclaim it and especially to progress and follow ever more closely the plan of God’s salvation for them.
For more than a year they have worked through encounters in all of Mexico to gather testimonies and words of faith from the community, appreciating the contribution of all in the preparation of two important documents of CELAM
56 different indigenous ethnic groups co-exist in Mexico.  They have roots in the time of their history before colonialism.  10,000 Indians inhabit the land from Sinaloa to Chiapas.  The Amerindians, belonging to various indigenous nations, represent 30% of the Mexicans. 

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