The FMA at the Ecclesial Congress of Verona

The FMA at the Ecclesial Congress of Verona

The 4th National Congress of the Church in Italy begins today at Verona and ends on Friday 20th.  This important event forms part of the pastoral guidelines for the communication of the Gospel in a changing world, which the Italian Church is following in this first decade of the Millennium. On Thursday 19th the Holy Father, Benedict XVI will be in Verona, where he will give a talk and preside at the Mass.  
The challenge of the Congress, we read in the communication from the CEI, is to develop an effective communication of the Gospel, one that will meet the real, everyday needs of the people. The theme of the days has been formulated as follows: Witnesses to the Risen Jesus, hope of the world. 
Among the 2700 participants will be 20 FMA, from almost all the provinces of Italy and the Houses depending on Mother General*. This is a big number, considering the numbers of Religious in Italy and surely indicates the significant involvement of our congregation in the Church.  The majority of the Sisters present are delegates for their dioceses, directly invited by the Bishops or representatives of religious organisations.  Others represent Salesian national associations or offer journalistic or secretarial services. Sr. Marcella Farina has been involved from the beginning in the preparation, as a member of the Preparatory Committee.  She will be the moderator of study group in the first area, which has as its theme affective life.
As Salesians we also rejoice in the fact that there will be an active representation of the young Church in Verona.  Many of the young people who met Pope John Paul II in Toronto in 2002 and Benedict XVI in Cologne in 2005, will meet again at event to animate evening prayer moments, which they have planned for young people.   In each of these there will be space for each of the five themes on which the Congress is centred: affective life, celebration and work, human fragility, tradition and citizenship.


* FMA present at the Ecclesial Congress of Verona:

1. Sr. Giovanna Bovino
2. Sr. Chiara Cazzuola
3. Sr. Mariella D'Ippolito
4. Sr. Anna Maria Guarino
5. Sr. Grazia Mangione
6. Sr. Mirella Debernardis
7. Sr. Isa Maiolo
8. Sr. Giovanna Are,
9. Sr.  Maria Paola Saderi
10. Sr. Nicoletta Lo Scrudato
11. Sr. Maristella Zanara
12. Sr. Giuseppina Barbanti
13. Sr. Maria Fisichella
14. Sr. Dal Lago  Margherita
15. Sr. Robazza Manuela
16. Sr. De Ninno M.Rosaria
17. Sr. Piera Ruffinatto
18. Sr. Marcella Farina
19. Sr. Anna Maria Antonacci
20. Sr. Maria Trigila

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