Missionary Experience

Missionary Experience

Medellín (Colombia). In the districts of Chocó and Antioquia, the missionary group of the Colombian province of Santa Maria Mazzarello (CMM) is made up of 30 people, including FMA, young people from the final year of studies, past pupils of the schools, university students and committed lay people. They meet once a month to reflect on and deepen what it means to be missionary disciples of Jesus. Throughout the year they meet a number of times and remain in contact through the internet and a blog on the web page of the province's Salesian Youth Movement.

All of this helps in the formation of the members of the group to fulfil a beautiful mission in some very poor areas of the Chocó and Antioquia regions during Holy Week and at Christmas. They have been involved in these activities for about four years.

Sr. Mónica María Cardona Botero writes: «We visit families and bring them a message of optimism and of hope, since many of them are affected by violence, the presence of armed groups and material, spiritual and moral poverty. We prepare the children for the sacraments. At Christmas we are with them during the novena and take advantage of this time to offer catechesis to the children, young people and adults».

It is only the beginning of a missionary experience that aims to plan for the future, stressing the identity of being missionary disciples of Jesus.

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05/03/2011 - Francisca Gomes

Bravo grupo missionário! Que o documento de aparecida nos desperte para a missão, perto e longe de nós. Coragem e continue animado!

05/03/2011 - Ana Dolores

Hola Sor Mónica me alegra que hayas hecho conocer esta experiencia que para nosotras es significativa en el camino de formación que como dsicípulas misioneras estamos realizando. Ánimo para todo el grupo!

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