Profound Echoes of the Celebration of Gratitude

Profound Echoes of the Celebration of Gratitude

Tokyo (Japan). We report some interesting excerpts from a letter that the Provincial, Sister Francesca Yukiko Wakamatsu, sent recently to all the Sisters of the province: "Now is the time to call upon all our energies ... This is also the meaning of the slogan for the Feast of Gratitude 2011: ‘ Courage, the light still shines!'

The Japanese people are walking toward the future, toward the reconstruction of our country. There are many people who, animated by the words ‘Have courage, Japan!', go forward with hope in the perspective of the future. It is good news to hear that the young people, whom we frequently define as being indolent, are working ardently and showing so much solicitude.”

After having reported a few experiences in which the young people are protagonists, she shared with the province an article in which other countries brought out a sense of admiration for the Japanese people. We report the article “Ten things to be learned from Japan” in its entirety.

  • Calm. There was not even one image of prostration or violent suffering. Suffering itself was elevated.
  • Dignity. The disciplinary code of the people, both for services and for the stores. There was not even a vulgar word or gesture.
  • The ability of incredible architects. For example, the buildings swayed, but did not fall.
  • Delicacy. People bought only what they needed at the moment so that there would be enough for all.
  • Order. There was no theft in stores. No racket or disturbance on the streets. Only understanding.
  • Sacrifice. 50 workers stayed for hours to pump sea water into the reactor. They will probably never be compensated.
  • Tenderness. Restaurants lowered prices. Those who were stronger cared for the weaker.
  • Training. Both the elderly and the children knew exactly what to do and they did so.
  • Media. Showed great seriousness in giving the news. There were no superficial reports. There was only a reporting of content .
  • Conscience. After the lights went out, the people placed objects on the shelf and calmly left the scene.

“When I read articles like this,” concluded the Provincial, “I feel that we FMA of the Japanese province are strongly challenged to live to the full our FMA identity according to our culture. Come to think about it, this honest life is something that was taught to us from our childhood by our parents and teachers. When Francis Xavier set foot in Japan for the first time during the XVI Century, he remained astounded by the uprightness of the Japanese people and their moral was due to the good education imparted in the family and in school. One could say that this serious situation caused people to return to their own profound truth. ‘Courage! The light still shines'...Courage Japan!''

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30/05/2011 - christine

Merci, Sr. Francesca, pour ton partage ! Je sens, que cette interpellation n’est pas seulement pour vous. En lissant tes paroles partagées, moi aussi je me sens fortement interpellées pour vivre pleinement notre identité de FMA selon vos valeurs vécues dans les épreuves. Nos jeunes ont besoins de ces exemples pour se réorienter dans leur recherche du sens de vie donnée.

29/05/2011 - elena fma

Grazie di vero cuore, sorelle care del Giappone, insieme ai `vostri` giovani e alla `vostra` gente: siete un grande esempio di civiltà dell`amore in questo tempo segnato da confusione e disperazione... Ci avete detto con l`esempio che al centro di tutto, anche delle tragedie più immani, ci sono le persone e la fraternità. Grazie... nell`azione educativa faremo conoscere ad altri popoli la vostra esperienza, perché è possibile!

28/05/2011 - Sr.Satowaki Franca

Sr.若松 今回の震災の意味を時々問われますが やはり山浦先生が先日テレビで話してくださったとおり、神様の前で「エロイ、エロイ、レマ サバクタニ!」というダビデ王の祈りを主と共にささげたいものです。 Sr.茅野から勧められて書きました。

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