Deforestation, a Threat to the Planet

Deforestation, a Threat to the Planet

On June 5, the celebration of the World Environment Day, we retrieved an article, which was published in the issue 5/6 of the DMA, to call attention to issues of protection of creation that are always on the agenda.

Deforestation is threatening the livelihoods of over a billion and half people who draw direct support for their lives from the trees and surrounding nature. This is the warning issued by the United Nations for 2011 initiative, "International Year of Forests", which seeks to protect the green lungs of the world - about 4 billion hectares ,more than 31% of the planet's surface, - and its inhabitants. The UN says more than 1.6 billion people who depend directly on forests 60 million of whom belong to indigenous and local communities without financial resources. Also, according to UN data, about 13 million hectares of forests are cut down each year due to urban development or agricultural needs.

The International Year of Forests seeks to increase awareness and to promote global action for the management, conservation, and sustainable development of all types of forests.

Deforestation is nothing more than the reduction of the natural green areas of the Earth. This is one of the principal

environmental problems of our contemporary world. The presence of forests plays a role of great importance in the maintaining of the ecosystem. Through the process of photosynthesis the plants take carbon dioxide from the air (greenhouse effect) and leave

oxygen in its place. Forests allow for the filtering and retention of water, reducing the hydro-geological hazards of the area that run the risk of destroying the habitat for thousands of plant and animal species (biodiversity), increasing the humidity of the climate, curbing soil erosion and so on. Deforestation is the result of irrational human action. When the cutting of trees exceeds their rate of re-growth, then the tree population is reduced (deforestation). Over time even the effects of the reduction of the positive impact made by plants to the entire ecosystem will be noted.

The tropical forests, for example, are home to half of the existing animal species of the world. This real treasure trove of biodiversity is also the “green lungs” of our planet that plays a decisive role in global climate balance. But of a total of 2 billion hectares of tropical forests, between 11 and 15 million hectares are lost every year. This would be equivalent to the disappearance of a football field every three seconds!

The Earth is sick and is doing everything possible to let us know about it. If we continue to ignore the signs, the Earth organism will be forced to react and the first to lose out.

Anna Rita Cristaino

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10/06/2011 - Amparo del S. López Alarcón

LA DEFORESTACIÓN, tal lo describe el artículo es una realidad que en una u otra forma nos aporrea, empobrece el ambiente y hace desastres en quienes por causa de pobreza se ubican en sitios críticos por esta causa; además, suscita problemasa nivel socio-económico-político. Gracias por hacerme partícipe de él. Amparo

08/06/2011 - sistaele

Come FMA sosteniamo in tutto il mondo una pluralità notevole di azioni e progetti, la cui idea-forza è la convinzione che la preservazione e l`uso sostenibile del patrimonio naturale non sono fini a se stessi, bensì hanno senso e si rafforzano se l`obiettivo ultimo è il benessere delle persone, di tutti, a partire dai più poveri... Grazie per aiutarci a riflettere su giustizia, pace e salvaguardia del creato!

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