Where the heavens bend to the earth...

Where the heavens bend to the earth...

Jerusalem (State of Israel). “Many lands are attractive, but no eye has ever contemplated a beauty such as yours. I do not know if it is the heavens the bend to you are you who raises yourself to them!”

This is what the Rabbi Yehudah al-Harizi Shelomo, traveler and poet, wrote in reference to the Holy Land. The experience of the Spiritual Exercises (June 3-10) of la Madre and the General Council seem to confirm the statement of Rabbi. We saw the Lord, traveled his frontiers contemplated his mystery. We did so in an itinerant form following an historical, geographical journey, but above all it was an experience of spiritual intensity. We began from Galilee and went up to Jerusalem where the group spent most of the time of the retreat. Accompanying the entire itinerary was Fr. Mario Guarniero, an enlightened guide. Making the retreat in the Holy land was essentially a time of encounter, a space for many significant, efficacious encounters such as those with the Sisters and the communities of the whole world who were constantly “present”.

Nazareth , the city of the Lord, and Cana , the meeting with Mary in her radical yes and in the "do whatever He tells you”. “the Mount of Beatitudes , the villages around the Lake of Galilee , the Jordan River : Meetings of faith, harmony, gratitude, and the desire for unity. Tabor where we contemplated the transfigured face, a prelude to the ascent to Jerusalem, City of God, city of the great King. The long stretch from Galilee to Judea, inserted into a long sequence of barren hills and deserts, the places that Jesus loved: It was an immersion into the “essential”. Bethlehem, the meeting with meekness and frailty, the routes selected by God to draw near to us and keep us company. Ain Karim, meeting of women in reciprocity, in praise, to communicate the bliss of believing without seeing.

Jerusalem , allowed la Madre and her council to experience the intensity of the encounter with the Face of Jesus in its expressions of love, suffering, proclamation of the Good News, of total gift, of anguish. The encounter with the luminosity of the Risen Face. There was the celebration of the Eucharist, a gratuitous gift, on the day of Pentecost at the Cenacle, where tradition tells us was the place of the descent of the Holy Spirit and the birth of the Church.

The stop in the Holy Land was also the occasion for many other meetings: with the Sisters of the communities of Nazareth, Bethlehem,and Cremisan and with the whole province of the Middle East in the person of Sr. Marie Claire, the provincial, who was an attentive, available presence.

We had pleasant encounters with our brother Salesians, with the young people of the FMA school in Nazareth and from the Oratory of Cremisan. Of great significance was the meeting with the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, His Beatitude Monsignor Fouad Twal, who gave the Council the gift of his time, precious guidelines, listening

On the afternoon of the 12th, we departed from the Holy City for Rome. We carried in our hearts the gratitude for a gift of life that would remain with us forever. It was accompanied by the commitment for prayer for this Land called to peace, but still torn by division and lack of love. It a well-expressed writing of Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini we read: “Mysterious city of God,/the tears of all the sons and daughters of mankind wash your frontiers,/feet return unshod/your pavements are made smooth by the caresses of Christ.”

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22/06/2011 - Sr. Theresa Sironi

Grazie per avermi fatto rivivere l`esperienza del Progetto Gerusalemme dell`anno scorso. L`articolo e` descrittivo, saturo di belle riflessioni. ..."and now our feet are standing at your gates o Jerusalem.." Ps. 122

18/06/2011 - Comunità di Salerno

Ringraziamo con voi il Signore sicure che i benefici spirituali giungeranno anche a noi tutte! Auguri di vita buona e santa nello Spirito!

16/06/2011 - Sor Carmenza Parra (CBN )

Qué articulo tan hermoso y oportuno ya que las hemos seguido cada día de los vividos en los E. E. De corazón nos han comunicado lo vivido esencialmente en cada lugar. Gracias y de nuevo felicitaciones. El Instituto entero, goza.

16/06/2011 - FMAVTN.italia

...dove la terra s`innalza fino al cielo, e soprattutto, dove l`uomo accorge di più quest`incontro. Carissime Madre e suore, con voi rendiamo grazie a Dio per la vostra esperienza preziosa. A voi diciamo grazie per le vostre preghiere, per i vostri impegni in questi giorni del Plenum, per la vostra amorevolezza...

16/06/2011 - Ir. Ercilde Moratelli, BPA

Querida Madre Yvonne e irmãs do Conselho geral, muito obrigada pela partilha rica de vossa experiencia vivida durante os exercícios espirituais deste ano. Ao ler nos faz perceber o quanto foi rico para cada uma de vocês e nos aproxima mais ao mistério de amor e sacrifício vividos por Nosso Senhor Jesus Cristo para nos fazer participar do Projeto de Salvação de Deus Pai. A você uma prece pelo bom êxito do Plenum de verão.

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