Free from, free to… never again Vidomegon

Free from, free to… never again Vidomegon This is the title of the new DVD produced by the Don Bosco Missions - Media Center in Turin , in collaboration with the FMA Social Communications Sector.

The DVD in a number of languages, contains two videos made in Benin.

In the first video the story of the Vidomegon is told. They are girl children who live in the market of Dantokpà in Cotonou.

There are 14 thousand children who live and work in the market as wandering salespeople or more often carrying merchandise or gathering garbage. Many young girls are sold as domestic workers here in this very market.

They are called Vidomegon, which in the Fon language means “a girl with someone”. In fact, according to a well-established traditional practice in rural areas of West Africa , many families chose to entrust their children to a tutor to guarantee better living conditions and access to education. Since the 80s however, with the progressive impoverishment of the families, this tradition has lost its essence of solidarity and degenerated into trafficking of children, who are sold as a free labour force.

This market was just the place to reach these girls and offer them a new opportunity. This is what the FMA have been doing since 2001. In a car park, where many wandering sales girls pass, they have built a hut, on which “Vidomegon” is written. Here the girls come, and they are invited to stay for a few minutes. They are listened to and the FMA become aware of each ones situation. Sometimes they stay and rest. There is a group who teach literacy. In the afternoon they do various activities: crafts, sewing, hygiene.

Ruphine's story helps us to understand the situation of these children and the assiduous work of the FMA.

The second video, instead, offers some reflections on slavery, starting from the “Door of return” a symbolic monument built on the coast from where the slaves used to embark, and where they were asked to forget their own country.

The DVD also contains a work sheet for educational use, which can be accessed by opening the DVD from the resources of the computer.

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17/06/2011 - Sr. Viky Ulate

Depuis Cotonou (Bénin) je remercie les deux jeunes de Mission Don Bosco qui sont venues au Bénin pour réaliser ce film. Merci aussi à l`Institut qui nous permet de sensibiliser, à travers ces dvd, au respect de la vie de tout jeune, particulièrement ceux qui sont plus pauvres et abandonnées. Nous vous attendons à Cotonou (Bénin)! Je prie pour que la vocation ad gentes grandisse dans notre Institut! La moisson est abondante!!

17/06/2011 - Ir. Ercilde Moratelli, BPA

Louvo e bendigo a Deus Criador da vida pela iniciativa salvadora do Instituto em favor das meninas daquela região, as FMA com o coração do Bom Pastor são a porta aberta que oferecem vida digna a estas vidas tão indefesas. Este fato mostra claramente o quanto o Carisma salesiano e atual como foi para as e os jovens no tempo dos Santos Fundadores. Deus e Maria Auxiliadora fortaleça esta importante presença do Instituto.

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