SDB and FMA Councils Meet

SDB and FMA Councils Meet Castelgandolfo ( Italy ). The usual meeting of the two Councils of the SDB and FMA took place this year on the feast of Blessed Maria Romero, Thursday, July 7. The figure of this woman, a mystic in action, was remembered at various moments: in the opening prayer, in the concluding Eucharist, in Mother Yvonne Reungoat words of welcome and in the words of the Rector Major, Fr. Pascual Chávez Villanueva. Fr. Pascual highlighted his great personal esteem and that of many SDB for Maria Romero, whom many consider as “another Don Bosco”, capable of inculturating the charism in the land of Nicaragua . Her life was characterised by great undertakings sustained by an unfailing faith and an extraordinary gift of contemplation.

The objective of the meeting of the two Councils was twofold: sharing of ideas regarding the three years of preparation for the bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco: both the common experiences and those specific to each Congregation; and updating on the recent “Identity Card of the Salesian Family” published on May 24 and still being revised. The Rector Major introduced the work by highlighting that this event, which the Councils experience every six months, is not so much a fixture in the calendar as an opportunity to spend some time deepening their common roots, growing in communion and re-launching their mission. The presentation of the Rector Major's letter: “Preparation for the Bicentenary of the birth of Don Bosco” (2015), began by highlighting an important aspect: it is not so much a question of experiencing an event, but of releasing life, making history, launching a spiritual, missionary and charismatic rebirth in the Salesian Family. The stages of the three years will be marked by a commitment to know the story of Don Bosco, to deepen the pedagogy of Don Bosco, and to renew ownership of the spirituality of Don Bosco. Three stages that make up one great life process, one experience and a projection towards the future. All this within a horizon that is always open to young people, because, as Fr. Pascual stated “the life of Don Bosco is inseparable from young people”.

On the part of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, those present were offered an interesting panorama on the basic perspective that will guide the preparation for the bicentenary. Year by year, up to 2015, celebrations are planned, along with initiatives of reflection and various helps, in order to make the charism of Don Bosco more clearly visible today, as well as providing a contribution to our feminine Salesian spirituality. “It is not a question of multiplying activities, but of living conversion to love more intensely, in line with what GC XXII asked of us”. The first year of the great Triduum, for us FMA will be within the framework of the celebrations planned for the 140 th anniversary of the foundation of the FMA Institute (1872).

The time dedicated to the presentation of the “Identity Card of the Salesian Family” was shorter. However, it allowed all to get to know this important document better and to reflect on its importance for our Congregations and for the other groups of the Salesian Family.

The celebration of the Eucharist and supper together concluded the meeting of the two Councils on a note of intensity and joy. This gave everyone a further proof of the profound communion that exists between the two Congregations.

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08/07/2011 - Sor Marìa Cristina Rodriguez S.

Una muy buena ocasiòn para estudiar la historia de cada obra y de cada Provincia a la luz de los acontecimientos vividos en estos 200 y 140 años de historia salesiana. Sor Marìa Cristina

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