A blue ribbon at Macomer. Emmanuel has been born

A blue ribbon at Macomer. Emmanuel has been born Macomer (Italy). Esther joyfully announces the birth of her little brother Emmanuel! He finally arrived at 9:44 pm on Sunday, July 24. He was the first child born of the mothers who are guests in our house at Macomer, in Sardinia after a dangerous, very difficult escape from Libya. He is the first “refugee of Macomer”. He, like the other guests, has changed the life of our community: * Sr. Angela Maria, the community animator, accompanied the mother to the hospital, encouraged and assisted her during the birth as the only “close relative” of the young mother, and speaks of this birth enthusiastically and with a sense or gratitude. * Sr. Paola, the vicar who has accompanied our guests with particular attention, was chosen by the refugees to comply with a tradition of their homeland. During the first days of life, the newborn must be washed with a particular ritual by a “good” person so that he, too, will become good. * We all waited impatiently for this birth, in prayer and trepidation, and we all feel that we are the grandmothers and aunts of “our three children”, Esther, Toufik, and Emmanuel. Mabel, the young mother, happily thanked all even though she bears in her heart the sorrow of not being able to embrace her husband who is in a refugee camp in Bari . And our community, enlarged by this new life, impatiently awaits the next birth in September of twins, the children of Mares and Abdelfattah!

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06/08/2011 - Alessia Arpino

Ma che bella notizia!!Suor Angela e tutte congratulazioni per il buon lavoro che state svolgendo!!! Un acro abbraccio da una affezionata ex-alunna(M.Ausiliatrice di Roma)

06/08/2011 - Ir.Angela Maria dos Santos

Suor Angela Maria E com grande alegria que celebro com vocês o nascimento dessa criança...que seja de fato sinal de vida e esperança. Ir.Angela

05/08/2011 - sr Agnès

Félicitation à la maman, mais aussi à la communauté qui s`occupe des vrais pauvres d`aujourd`hui ! Bravo !

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