Bringing the Word of God to the Prairie

Bringing the Word of God to the Prairie In 2004 the Sisters, following the mandate of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, went out to those who could not come to them. This was the summer program of Vacation Bible School initiated by the Sisters stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Colorado Springs is a mission diocese and there are many small rural parishes with very limited resources. Sometimes priests have to cover more than one parish .

The first year the Sisters went to one location Cheyenne Wells, where they lived in a loaner house for the week. This year, the program has grown to 4 weeks in 4 different locations. The animator, Sr. Patricia King, tells us: “We went to the parishes during the Spring to announce at all the Masses that we would again be having VBS in their area. The response was very positive, because of previous experience”. This year the Sisters were three: Sr. Patricia King, Sr. Ngan Do, and Sr.Margaret Natal. The general theme, well planned out was “PandaMania-Where God is Wild About You!”. The daily schedule included Liturgy, Word of God, Singing, Crafts, Talent Show and inspirational films. The recipients were children from grades K-5 who attended from 9:30-3 pm. The Sisters were assisted by counselors (young people ages 11 - 18 who were past pupils of the camp experience) and parent volunteers. The program in St. Michael's Calhan , went from June 27-July 1, Vietnamese Holy Martyrs July 5-8, Our Lady of the Visitation Kiowa July 11-15, Sacred Heart, Cheyenne Wells-Kit Carson from July 18-22. Approximately (100 children, 40 Junior Counselors, and 10 adults counselors participated.

During the month of July the Sisters traveled more than 1500 miles (2414.2km) to carry out their mission. This would be the equivalent of halfway across the United States! At the conclusion of the camp experience, the Sisters were tired, but happy because they had reached out to so many of God's children who otherwise would not have received anything that would remind them of His presence in their world.

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