Young people celebrating and praying

Young people celebrating and praying Madrid (Spain). “Welcome to the SYM celebration!” ”.   This is how the celebration began on the afternoon of the 17th for the young people of the SYM gathered in the Salesian house of Atocha.  More than 7,000 young people registered for the WYD plus volunteers, the FMA and SDB present reached the number of almost 10,000 participants.

The SYM celebration took place in different parts of the playground, complete filled with an infinity of flags from the different countries and a sea of colored tee shirts, with spontaneous hugs and conversations, soccer games, jump ropes and magic games.
In another section of the courtyard a wall had been built out of white cardboard, with the symbol of the meeting that allowed the young people to express sentiments in their own language.
In the center of the courtyard there was a stage, spectacular because of its size and preparation.  A giant
monitor was showing an artistic/musical performance which the different groups had prepared for the occasion while in their own countries.  The group led those present in singing and dancing to the presentation.
The central moment of the celebration took place during the late afternoon with the arrival of Fr. Pascual Chávez and Sr. Yvonne Reungoat.  They were preceded by a Portuguese musical band and were escorted by a chain of volunteers.  “The world has a future; it is you!” declared the Rector Major from the stage.  Continuing the countdown, Fr. Chávez, set the activities of the SYM in motion as the participants from the different countries took turns on the stage.
In the evening, Fr.Pascual and Mother Yvonne participated in the prayer vigil that was very well organized around the theme “Firm in the Faith”, taking its theme from WYD 2011.  The vigil unfolded through hymns, dance and prayer and gave the young people the opportunity to pray and reflect together on their faith.  An important time was that of Eucharistic Adoration during which the young people held lit candles and prayed, to the point of taking part in an intense silence.
During the words of her good night, Mother General emphasized “her emotion” and the profound communion that existed among those young people who were present, “members of the same family”. 
“This worldwide gathering shows us that peace is possible in the world.”  “I want this encounter to make return to our homes transformed, transmitting the idea  that life has meaning and it is worth the pain of living it.”
For his part, the Rector Major recalled Sean Devereux, a young Englishman who met Jesus during the WYD in Rome and who had decided to follow Him, sacrificing his life for Him in Somalia. “Do not throw your life away.  The only one who has conquered death did not did not do so with technology or money, but with love.  This is before all else.”  “Christ is present in the Eucharist and in the community because we are His body.”
The candles used during the vigil had been acquired beforehand by the young people.  Funds collected were destined entirely for Somalia.  The celebration concluded at midnight, but its remembrance would, without doubt, be recorded for years in the hearts of all those who participated.

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18/08/2011 - Sr. Maria Rodriguez

Las palabras de la Madre y las del Rector Mayor me han verdaderamente tocado en persona en la vigilia de oracion celebrada en la jornada de la Juventud 2011. la convinccion con que el Rector Mayor hablo sobre el amor, creo que dio una fuerte motivacion a los jovenes del MJS a fundar su vida sobre este soberano valor. Me gusto mucho tambien cuando focalizo la Presencia de Jesus entre nosotros, sobre todo en la Eucaristia y la comunidad. Sigo este extraordinario encuentro con la oracion y mis sacrifcios, sobre todo de dejar que los demas sean ellos mismos.

18/08/2011 - carrara

Abbiamo avuto la gioia di essere presenti spiritualmente e di pregare con tutti voi che eravate alla veglia di preghiera. Godiamo per i tanti giovani dell`MGS e offriamo la nostra preghiera perchè possano fare una ricca esperienza di fede.

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