Madrid welcomes the Holy Father

Madrid welcomes the Holy Father Walking through the Spanish capital one meets groups of pilgrims who joyously move from one place to another to the sites of the catechesis that is being carried out in different churches and cathedrals of the city according to language.
Yesterday the city welcomed the Holy Father who upon arriving in Madrid reiterated his joy at meeting with so many young people and exhorted them to believe that life is always worth the struggle of living.
More than once he stressed the importance of being grounded, firm, and steadfast in the faith, to witness to an alternative way of living that puts life in the first place at the service of love of neighbor.  The illusions of hedonism, egoism and of what is ephemeral and fleeting leave and emptiness that leads to feeling the burden of a love without meaning.
The young people are showing all their capacity for living and testifying to the faith with enthusiasm, filling the streets of Madrid, the buses, the subways with joy and songs that praise God’s love
This evening the Holy Father will pray the Way of the Cross with them in the streets of the city.

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19/08/2011 - Sr. Viky Ulate

Depuis Cotonou (Bénin) nous suivons les JMJ en priant et en offrant! Merci des nouvelles que vous nous donnez par ce moyen!

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