A Celebration of Faith

A Celebration of Faith The pictures from WYD that come to mind for those who were in Madrid and for those who followed it through the media are full of the faces of many smiling young people.One can see colorfulness, happiness, and the desire to share.

The good-byes, the hugs, the ‘see you in Rio’ are full of the awareness of having lived intense days full of friendship, of prayer, of the desire to give meaning to life.The photo of the youth of Madrid is the picture of a generation that seriously seeks to undertake a journey, to be involved, to live life without fear, and to give joyful witness.

During these days they endured heat, long lines to get food and to take the train.They slept, adapting themselves to every situation.Through it all they kept on smiling.Even the farewell was a moment rich with many emotions.

Immediately after the conclusion of the days, the airport was full of young people waiting patiently for their flights.With their pilgrim’s backpack, some groups used the time to share their experiences.Others began sharing with groups from other countries, recounting episodes, feelings, and the great desire to keep lit the joy that each one felt during these days.

This was also true for the Salesian Youth Movement.The WYD was rich in meaning.It was very beautiful to find so many gathered to celebrate and to pray from the same great Salesian Family spread throughout the world.Mother General and the Rector Major had the opportunity to meet many young people who showed them a lot of affection.As she walked along the streets with numerous young pilgrims, Mother YvonneReungoat rejoiced and prayed with them.

WYD is over but our commitment as Salesian family is to continue in the various areas where we work with the young people to give them the possibility of living “Rooted and founded in Christ, firm in the faith.”

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01/09/2011 - Ir. Maria de Nazaré/ BCB

Foi um "DOM de DEUS" estar e celebrar com a Juventude, "a Festa da VIDA e da INTEGRAÇÃO!".... nosso pequeno Grupo da Diocese de Guiratinga/ Mato Grosso ( 16 pessoas ), vibrou e aproveitou muito desta experiência ímpar! Conforme alguns afirmaram: " foi desafiador tudo que vivenciamos ( alojamento... deslocamento.... alimentação.... vigília.... ) porém sentimos GRANDE PAZ INTERIOR E UMA LEVEZA SEM IGUAL!".... Lindo, sim? Aproveito para AGRADECER a experiência de FAMÍLIA que vivenciamos como acolhimento nas Casas Salesianas de Barcelona (SDB) e em Madrid ( FMA / VILLAMIL). Deus abençôe a todos e todas! "Com Maria, continuemos Testemunhas da Alegria Plena , fruto da Palavra vivida e assimilada !" Foi muito lindo estar com vocês, conhecer pessoalmente a Sr. Runita, rever a Sr. Maria del Carmen e encontrar a Madre Yvonne, na volta da Eucaristia, na mesma "Calle com a juventude". Beijos, Ir. Nazaré/ BCB.

29/08/2011 - Sr Maria Teresa

Grazie della condivisione.questa bellissima esperienza di chiesa e di famiglia salesiana rimarrà nella memoria per sempre. rimaniamo insieme saldi nella fede. Ciao

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