Diploma awarding course for spiritual accompaniment

Diploma awarding course for spiritual accompaniment

Accepting a challenge launched by GC XXII, the Youth Pastoral Sector in collaboration with the Faculty for the Science of Education, ‘Auxilium,’ and San Biagio Spirituality Center organized a diploma awarding course for spiritual accompaniment in youth pastoral.

From August 22 to 31, the first of four sessions spread over a two year period was held.Twenty participants made up of FMA and laity were immersed in the silence and peace of Subiaco, Rome.During these days, they delved into theological, anthropological, and relational themes relative to the art of accompaniment in the light of Salesian youth spirituality and the experience lived by DonBosco and Mother Mazzarello.

Presentations by experts in the various areas alternated with moments of personal research and experiential workshops that enabled the participants to read their life as sources of learning.

The centrality of the Word of God favored by daily Lectio Divina, the Liturgy spanning the daily schedule, and the fraternity that was created by the community that included lay people, allowed us to live with greater awareness that Jesus, Bread and Word, is the Accompanier par excellence of every growth process.

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03/09/2011 - sr.anna

Con fraterna compiacenza ho letto la notizia sul corso "Diploma per l’accompagnamento spirituale", e per il riconoscimento di preparazione qualificata, e ancor piu` per la possibilita` che si riceve attraverso questo corso nell`essere significative compagne di cammino per le persone a noi affidate. Tale esperienza formativa ci esorta a renderla concreta anche presso di noi. Sia cosi`.

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