Inter-Sector Meetings on the Preventive System

Inter-Sector Meetings on the Preventive System Makuyo (Kenya). Today, Oc tober 10, the Inter-Sector Meeting on "The Preventive System as a Response to the Cultural Challenges of Today began". Those taking part are the provincials and the coordinators of formation, youth pastoral, the missions and social communications of the CIAM Interprovincial Conference (Conferenza Interispettoriale Africa e Madagascar ).

The encounter is taking place at Makuyo and will finish on October 17. Present at the encounter are Sr. Maria Americo Rolim, Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales, Sr. Alaide Deretti, Sr. Giuseppina Teruggi, general councillors for the four Sectors involved, as well as Sr. Monica Menegusi, consultant with the Formation Sector.

The encounter is part of the journey that the recent general chapters identified as a coordinated and convergent way of proceeding for the various Sectors. The proposed theme is intended to provide a response to the need for the ongoing formation of the FMA as noted in the Acts of General Chapter XXII (cf. Acts 40.3), and in the Programme of the General Council (cf. Programmazione sessennio 2.2).

During the days at Makuyo it is hoped to reach the following objective: “To enable us to re-read and deepen the Preventive System as a response to the ever-new challenges of education, spelling out their formative implications for the FMA and laity”.

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