Mother General Animates Spiritual Exercises

Mother General Animates Spiritual Exercises

Pansol , Philippines . Festive preparations were made at the Spirituality Center in Pansol, Philippines to receive Mother Yvonne Reungoat is to accompany the Spiritual Exercises of the Provincials of the Asian Inter-Provincial Conference – CIAO and PCI, along with the Australian Province - SPR.

This is the first time that the two Asiatic Conferences and the region of Oceania are together with Mother to live this powerful, unique experience of God and of the charism, in the plurality of their colors and cultures. The Provincials of the 16 Provinces gave Mother Yvonne a very warm welcome. They showed their awe, affection, joy, and gratitude for her presence and for her evangelical and charismatic mediation.

This experience began with a meaningful liturgical feast that echoed what GC XXII reflected upon: the mystery of God's love made visible by the Heart of Jesus and transformed into a lived experience in the life of our Founders and Patrons. There is no better icon of St. Teresa of Avila , a woman mystic totally oriented to God, to accompany these days of prayer, silence, and pause while listening to God's Word.

In her first vibrant ‘Good Night', Mother wished all the Provincials the cultivation of an attitude of desire, and loving attention for a new encounter with the Lord. She assured us of the prayers and the invocation to the Spirit on the part of the Sisters of the 16 Provinces and of the whole world. Mother stated, “The Spirit will be the true accompanier in the measure in which each one lets herself be guided by Him in order to vitally understand the Word of Jesus.

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22/10/2011 - Sr Marie Claire Jean

Carissime Sorelle Ispettrici, Da Haiti, siamo molto unite a voi in questa bella e profonda esperienza di Istituto. La Madre è un dono prezioso di Dio per noi in questo tempo storico. Godete bene della sua presenza. Vi accompagnamo fortemente nella preghiera. Santi esercizi con Santa Teresa di Avila !

21/10/2011 - Sr. Euginia Laloo

May God`s Spirit be with you all!

19/10/2011 - sr.anna

Mentre la nostra Madre Yvonne "accompagna i giorni di preghiera, di silenzio e di sosta in ascolto della Parola di Dio", delle sorelle ispettrici Asia-Oceania, insieme alle altre Sorelle THA invoco il Signore: questo Suo grande dono di luce e forza interiore, sia da loro generosamente accolto "perche` anche la loro presenza nelle ispettorie continui ad essere mediazione evangelica e carismatica come quella della Madre.

19/10/2011 - Sr. Alice, Sr. Pam, Sr. Joy, Sr. Valsa

We are with you, dear Mother and with all the provincials of Asia-SPR on these days of spiritual renewal. Yes, the Holy Spirit is the one who truly accompanies the journey of each one. We know that this grace-filled moment will benefit all the Sisters when the Provincials return to their respective provinces. With our young people, we assure you of our prayers and we wish you a blessed stay in the Philippines! Mipela hamamas long yu kam long Philippines!

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