World Mission Day

World Mission Day

On October 23 World Mission Day 2011 will be celebrated. It will be an opportunity to pause and reflect on how we respond to the missionary vocation.

«The universal mission involves everyone, everything and always. The Gospel is not a value that is exclusive to the one who received it, but a gift to be shared, a beautiful news to be communicated». With these words Pope Benedict XVI, invites all to reflect on World Mission Day 2011, which will be celebrated on October 23 next. In his message, Benedict XVI clearly highlighted the importance of bringing evangelisation, not only to people who have not yet know Jesus, but also to traditionally Christian societies that have become secularised due to «the cultural changes augmented by globalisation and the pervading relativism that leads to a mentality and a style of life that disregards the Gospel». It is for this reason that the task of spreading the Gospel «has not lost its urgency. Anything but».

In his message, the Pope stresses the importance of thinking about evangelisation as a process that does not only mean «supporting the intuitions needed to stabilise and consolidate the Church » but also «to give ones contribution to improving the living conditions of people in countries in which there are the most serious symptoms of poverty, malnutrition, especially among children, lack of health services and education». «Ignoring temporal problems of humanity would mean forgetting the lesson of the Gospel regarding love of ones suffering and needy neighbour».

The message of Benedict XVI ends with the hope that «World Mission Day will give new life to the desire and the joy of going out to humanity bringing all to Christ».

The urgency of spreading the good news is also to be found in the words of Sr. Alaide Deliretti, General Councillor for the Sector of the missions ad/inter gentes who, quoting the thought of Mother Mazzarello, reminds us that «it is time to rekindle the missionary fire in the heart of every community and in all our provinces». In an exhortation that is also the commitment of missionaries: “Go”, Sr. Alaide concludes her discourse on the month of the missions to those Sisters who are coordinators, inviting them not only to rekindle the fire but to see that this fire may not go out in the world. This is necessary in order to continue the tradition that has accompanied the FMA since that far away 1877, the year that Don Bosco fulfilled his dream with the first expedition of missionary Sisters destined for Latin America .

Lucia Aversano

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