Making Italians through Education

Making Italians through Education

On October 26, 2011, the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy , there will be a study Conference in the Protomoteca Room of the Commune of Rome organized by the Faculty of Education Sciences Auxilium and the Historic Salesian Institute on “Making Italians through Education.” It will be based on the two recently published volumes, that of Grazia Loparco and Maria Teresa Spiga (editors), “The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Italy (1872-2010) – Women in Education, Documentation and Essays,” Rome , LAS 2011 and of Francesco Motto (Editor), “ Don Bosco 's Salesians in Italy , 150 Years of Education", Rome , LAS 2011.

The following will be making presentations: Professor Andrea Riccardi who will give a reading of historical-cultural dimension; Professor Joseph De Rita , President of Censis, a geo-statistical interpretation of the abundant data collected in the volume; Professor Marianna Pacucci on the actual youth reality faced by Salesian educators. The moderator will be Dr. Carlo Di Cicco .

Following this there will be interventions by Mother Yvonne Reungoat , Superior General, and Fr. Pierfausto Frisoli , regional councillor for Italy , in addition to institutional authorities.

The convention aims to stir reflection on the educative contribution of thousands of educators who in 150 years reached numerous young people in every region of Italy , offering them a formation that would prepare them for life and at the same time make them honest citizens and convinced Christians.

The experience, matured in many fields of formation, is attentive today as well to the expectations of the young in order to offer them the resources of an education that is considers the total person, capable of a positive insertion into society. The convention is addressed to the educating communities, to those who work in civil and ecclesiastical institutions with attention to education, to researchers and journalists, in the awareness that it is necessary to network in order to favor the interests of the young.

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