Thailand: The FMA Help the Flood Victims

Thailand: The FMA Help the Flood Victims Bangkok (Thailand). Since September, Thailand has been experiencing a very difficult time because of the heavy monsoon rains that are causing serious damage and many deaths. According to the United Nations, there have been about 350 deaths in Thailand up to now and the number in the whole South Asian region has risen to 800. More than 20 provinces in the centre and north of the country are under water, and there are about 2.5 million people in these provinces. The floods that have taken place in this period are the worst in the past 50 years and, after having hit the industrial provinces of Ayutthaya and Nova Nakhon , where the waters reached almost 5 metres in depth, there is now a growing threat to the capital, Bangkok . The Thai Chamber of Commerce has already registered losses of about 2.5 billion euro.

In the midst of the suffering and uncertainty that is affecting the people of Thailand, the Salesian Sisters in that country have encouraged the teachers, pupils, parents and lay collaborators of all their schools to give money, essential supplies and food as well as time to help the many victims materially, morally and spiritually.

The pupils of some schools organised open-air concerts, others collected aid from relations and acquaintances to help their needy brothers and sisters. Many have contributed by organising and distributing parcels of essential supplies.

Help also came from the “Rehabilitation Centre for Visually Impaired Young People” at Sampran, where a group of volunteers organised themselves to assist the flood victims. Since October 19, Sr. Teresa Namsomboon, who is responsible for the Centre, on the invitation of the National Empowerment Office for Disabled People, has accompanied a group of young blind people to the Ratchamongkhon Thanyaburi Technology University of Pathum Thani to alleviate the suffering of the victims who have taken refuge there in this tragic period. The young blind people lighten the interminable hours of the refugees with message for elderly people, teaching of various crafts, and above all, listening and comforting them, giving hope and a kind word.

Although the floods of this period are worse and have lasted longer than other times, they are not greater than the solidarity and generosity of the young blind people and of many people of good will.


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