Mother Yvonne continues her visit to Spain

Mother Yvonne continues her visit to Spain Zaragoza, Barcelona, and Valencia were a few of the Spanish cities where Mother Yvonne stopped during her brief visit the FMA. She had multiple appointments on her calendar during the final days of October until the early days of November.
On October 30 la Madre was in Zaragoza for a visit to Our Lady of the Pillar. During her stay she met with Sr. Lourdes Ruiz de G., Sr. Rosa Olivella, Sr. Carmen Soler and Pepe Domingo, a Salesian priest and director of the community of Zaragoza. Before leaving for the community of Casablanca, la Madre assisted at a presentation by a past pupil and Salesian cooperator who sang in the plaza to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the FMA. Still in the same plaza, the Vides volunteers had set up a booth together with other youth associations to whom Mother General addressed words of gratitude for their precious work.
Upon her arrival in the community of Casablanca, la Madre was welcomed in a festive climate with an affectionate applause on the part of all the Sisters. After a light supper there was a particularly moving moment with the infirm Sisters. La Madre, with her usual broad smile, embraced them one by one.
On the following day Mother Yvonne went on pilgrimage to Catalunya where she went to the Monastery of St.Mary of Montserrat together with three Sisters of the Council and the Provincial.
After the visit to the monastery la Madre dedicated herself to the other appointments of the morning; the celebration of the Eucharist, and finally, the meeting with Fr.Abad and Fr. Josep Maria Soler with whom she discussed the origin and function of the church of Montserrat in Rome.
Once arrived at the school of St. Mary of the Soledad in the center of Barcelona, Mother Yvonne was welcomed by all the FMA of Catalunya. From here the day followed in a family, serene climate watching a documentary film of the various activities with the FMA of Catalunya, and responding to the many question asked by the Sisters.
All Saints Day was spent by Mother Yvonne in Valencia, where she was welcomed by the Sisters of the house of Valencia together with Sr. Lourdes, Sr. Rosa Olivella and Sr. Carmen Soler who had accompanied her throughout the whole journey.
Archbishop Carlos Osoro who had come to know of Mother’s visit, wanted to extend to her his personal welcome and congratulated her for the 125 years of work among the most disadvantaged young people of the Spanish territory. The Eucharist was celebrated at mid-morning in the Basilica of Holy Mary of the Forsaken, center of Marian devotion. All Saints’ Day was concluded with the prayer of Vespers together with our brother Salesians.

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