Thailand submerged in water

Thailand submerged in water

We continue to receive information and photos on the dramatic situation in Thailand were floods have continued for a week.

Because of the flooding the number of victims has risen to 500 deaths, as the officials of Yingluck Shinawatra report, while the water is already encroaching on the immediate northern frontier of Bangkok and directly threatens the center of the capital where there are 12 million inhabitants. According to official statistics there have been a number of 506 victims, many of whom were drowned or electrocuted by electrical currents in 25 provinces, in a disaster that has involved 3.1 million people. The water is still present in the southern neighborhoods of Lad Phrao and Chatuchak, about ten km from the financial and commercial heart of Bangkok. The western outskirts remain stricken by wide flooding, and it is the same with the southern suburbs, while the water has begun to recede from the central province that has been under water since the end of September.

During the first days of the flooding out Sister in Sampran have helped and accepted those who were in need, receiving and distributing staples and basic support needs. Now their house has also been invaded by the waters. Here hospitality had been given to some blind girls who frequent a professional formation course for masseuse, and there is also a group home. The girls have been sent to Banpong, to another community. The water continues to rise. All the FMA along with their collaborators are working to drain it from the lower levels of their houses. The situation, however, is still an emergency. Even other communities in other regions have been invaded by water. Our Sisters are worried especially about the community of Ban Than Phraphon where the level of flood waters has risen notably.

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15/11/2011 - Sor Basilia Ramírez

Nos unimos en oración solidaria por esta comunidad y esta nación que ha sufrido tanto. La esperanza de tiempos mejores nos sostiene con la certeza de que Dios es el conductor de la historia y sabrá hacer resurgir la Vida donde ahora impera la muerte. Valor, Hermanas, estamos con ustedes y los destinatarios.

12/11/2011 - Sr. Aruna Castelino INB

Sisters dear, please feel us close to you in prayer and moral support as you continue to cope with these raging waters and reach out in solace and comfort to those stranded around you. Sr Aruna - Wadala INB

11/11/2011 - FMA THAI

Grazie di cuore carissime sorelle per le vostre preghiere e l`affetto per noi a comunita` Sampran e Noviziato che ci accompagnano sempre. Dio vi ricompensi. Cerchiamo vivere e stare bene.

10/11/2011 - Sr Dieudonne

Carissime sorelle vi siamo vicine in questo momento di calamità. Il Signore vi dia la forza per lottare e stare accanto a quanti sono colpiti da essa.

10/11/2011 - Sr. Marietta Kaidathara

Dear Sisters, We are close to you with our prayers. May the Lord multiply your strength and the means, so that you may be able to help many of our brothers and sisters there!

10/11/2011 - agatha

Dear Sisters, we are following you on the news and are with you in prayer as you reach out to the needy. Jesus and Mary be your strength and support.

09/11/2011 - Sirlei

Nós, cá de Angola, somos próximas de vós através de nossas preces na certeza que o Senhor esta a olhar para vós e vos é proximo. Abraços

09/11/2011 - Ir. Elaine

Recife, 09 de Novembro de 2011 Inspetoria Maria Auxiliadora - Recife -Brasil Estamos unidas a todas vocês através da oração!!!!

09/11/2011 - Sr. Crescentia D`Almeida

Carissima Sr. Maria e le sorelle di Thailandia siamo vicine e vi assicuriamo la nostra preghiera per avere il corraggio e dare la forza in questa situazione di incertezza. Con affetto, Sr.Crescentia INK

09/11/2011 - Sr. kathleenTaylor

Darest sisters, Just to assure you that at this very difficult time you are in my thoughts and prayers. Here the sisters and young people of the Philippines are also praying for you. Courage. With deep affection. Sr. Kathleen Taylor.

09/11/2011 - Sr. Martha Séide

Momenti drammatici! Seguiamo le notizie e vi siamo vicine. Affetto e preghiera!

08/11/2011 - Sor Vicenta Jaramillo - Ecuador

Carissime sorelle della Thailandia: vi assicuriamo la preghiera perchè il Signore vi dia la forza in questi momenti di prova. Siamo vicine.

08/11/2011 - Suor Lucia

Abbiamo letto le notizie,vi ricordiamo con affetto e preghiamo,perchè il Signore vi sostenga in questi momenti di tanta sofferenza per voi e per ila popolazione. Sentite la nostra solidarietà. Con affetto sr Lucia e comunità.

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