Haiti year 2. Turn on your heart

Haiti year 2. Turn on your heart

Almost two years after the terrible earthquake of magnitude 7.0 on the Richter scale that struck the island of Haiti and almost totally destroyed the capital Port-au-Prince, Missione Giovani FMA wishes to turn the spotlight on the living conditions of the Haitian population, now out of the media circuits that have initially documented the state of the dramatic destruction after January 12, 2010 .

Still today , almost two years after the earthquake , more than one million Haitians live in tents now consumed by the sun , wind and rain. The hills surrounding Port - au - Prince are a worrying expanse of tents . Only a small minority of the population could provide independently for the reconstruction of the house .

The few reconstructions are taking place without proper planning, essential to prevent the formation of slums devoid of any service.

The Campaign “ Haiti Year 2” , promoted by Missione Giovani FMA, wishes to turn the spotlight on a nation that cannot be forgotten.

The funds raised through the campaign Haiti Year 2 will support reconstruction of housing units for poor population; to support the salary of teachers working at schools managed by the FMA and in particular will support the education of girls and children of the slums in Haiti where are located the schools run by the FMA, providing them with daily meals , health and psycho-social care and guaranteeing their fundamental right to education , necessary for the redemption of the people in Haiti and to help to welcome the orphans of the earthquake in a new home.

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03/12/2011 - Grace

E molto bello vedere la generosita e il modo di pensare di tanta persona che non sono haitiani. Ringrazio tantissimo la missione di Jeunes Onlus Fma, di questa iniziativa governementale in favore del Notro paese. E grazie sopratutto a l` Istituto che è madre e chi favorice tale initiative.

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