PCI and NAC Online for Faith Workshop

PCI and NAC Online for Faith Workshop

Rome (Italy). Saturday, December 3 at the FMA Generalate, at 9:00 a.m. (PCI) and 7:00 p.m. (NAC), Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales and Sr. Giuseppina Teruggi, general councilors, with the sisters of the Youth Ministry and Social Communications sectors (and thanks also to the consultative work by some professors of Facoltà Auxilium), a good number of communities from the Provincial Conference of India (PCI) and North American Conference (NAC) participated in the web conference on the theme “Meeting Christ in the Experiences of Life” which was done first with the provinces of CIAO and SPR.

This process aims to enhance enthusiasm in meeting with Christ in the Educating Communities and in the various educative ambients, identifying the criteria that animate and must guide the actual experiences in order to construct itineraries of education to faith to be verified in the “workshops of faith.”

Virtually connected, the working group (with the welcome presence of visiting councilors), the Indian sisters and the North American sisters had a fruitful dialogue and reflections on how to accompany the young in meeting Jesus. For the next video conference, they will be focusing more on the actual ministry in catechesis, teaching of religion, and educative itinerary to faith in youth groups and with youth at risk, also taking into consideration the education to ecumenical and inter-religious dialogue.

This new series of video conferences is “not an extra work to do” but closely related, almost a development from other processes which are already going on in the Institute: Education, Communication, Evangelization, Proclaiming the Good News to the young; Preventive System and Youth at Risk; The Inter-Sector Encounters on the theme Preventive System: A Response to Today's Cultural Challenges. This video conference actualizes the operative choice for reflection-formation at a distance, especially because the proclamation of the Good News to the young needs a search for methodologies and alternative places that would be favorable to meeting with Jesus.

The working group compared this series of video conferences with a journey of a caravan, where in the desert or remote places, one goes slowly day after day in a commitment which is always the same and yet different, but with a certain security of path and actions, assured by the Salesian charism.


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