World Day for Human Rights

World Day for Human Rights «The year 2011 has been an extraordinary one for human rights. Millions of people have decided that the time had come to demand their rights, coming together on the streets and in the squares to demand change». With these words, Navanethem Pillay, the United Nations High Commissioner, introduced the 63 rd anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights. On December 10, 2011 the world will celebrate the day of Human Rights, a particularly meaningful anniversary since 2011 has been a turning point for many people.

It all began with the Arab Spring, in North Africa first and then in the Middle East . Thousands of people descended into the squares to reclaim their rights, peacefully. After many years of suffering under totalitarian governments the Maghareb peoples descended into the squares to manifest their dissent, thus giving birth to a movement that became known as the Arab Spring. All this was possible thanks to the widespread use of the internet which, through the use of social media, brought what was happening in North Africa and the Middle East powerfully onto the international press. Although in different forms, and for different reasons, the people of the north also descended into the squares to demand the rights of equality and freedom. London , Madrid , New York and Rome , to mention a few, were invaded by the so called ‘indignant ones'. In this case it was the global economic crisis that brought thousands of people into the squares to demand a more equitable social and economic system.

It is essential to celebrate this day so that civil society, together with its institutions, may pursue the final goal of this Declaration: equality of rights for every human person. Whether it is in developing countries or highly industrialised nations, the violation of rights is a reality that anyone can encounter. History shows us that every day, and it does not matter in what part of the world one is born or lives, human rights are denied. The battle for rights is one that is being fought daily, and every day the FMA struggle for human rights, taking their seat as the IIMA (International Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians) at the Council for Human Rights, an intergovernmental organisation belonging to the UN. Thanks to their presence in Geneva , in the FMA office for Human Rights, they give a precious contribution of influence on international policies for the promotion and guaranteeing of the right to education for all.

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