United for a better society

United for a better society

The advancement of the woman is the main theme of a rececnt video United for a better society, promoted by the Social Communications Sector and produced by "Missioni Don Bosco".

The video, which is being distributed and therefore should reach the communities in there days, was made in Bangalore , India , where the Sisters of that province undertake various programmes in which they have chosen women as their recipients. This is because they are the trump card for combating poverty and improving the living standards of the families.

Looking at India through the eyes of the women offers us the possibility of entering into this great nation from a perspective that is rich in possibilities. Above all it gives the possibility of grasping how important their contribution is for the growth of this country.

With a population of 1.2 billion, the Indian Republic is the largest democracy in the world and the second most highly populated country. Its citizens speak Hindi, English and at least 16 other official languages. Here alongside Hinduism, there is Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and other traditional religions.

Bangalore is the third most populated city of India , with six and a half million inhabitants and it is one of the fastest growing cosmopolitan cities of Asia . Today Bangalore is known as the “ Silicon Valley of the East” because of the presence and work of many multinational companies and also because it is the seat of more that 100 technical and research universities.

The information technology industry, however, is prospering at the expense of the rural population. Only 28% of Bangalore is urban and the majority of the population is engaged in agriculture. The economic-cultural difference is ever growing and the emphasis on high level technology over the agrarian economy has given two different faces to the city. The first is vibrant, innovative and extremely modern, showing the success of a developing nation. The second shows people who live on the margins, on the streets, with inadequate public services and enormous differences in income, along with poor health and few opportunities.

In the province of Bangalore the FMA are committed to empowerment and to the transformation of the lives of women and children. They work for the dignity and rights of the woman through the promotion of self-awareness, social participation, education, cultural formation, economic autonomy and health assistance.

The centre for the development of the woman, known as CDEW, is the official organ for the social action of the FMA in this province. It started in 2003 as a volunteer organisation. Its mission is to build a society founded on love, fraternity, economic improvement and the empowerment of women.

The strategy of the CDEW is based on empowerment, through organisation, education, economic self-sufficiency, building up the person and forming people in decision making ability.

During the past years CDEW has successfully undertaken a variety of projects and programmes: the formation and development of about 700 Self-help Centres that form a federation; Income Generating Programmes, building of houses, schools, literacy programmes for poor children in three States, which reach about 3,000 children, information and prevention programmes in the area of HIV/AIDS. More than 500 wells have also been built to collect rain water for the poorest people in Kanakakkunnu and Kattappana, along with programmes for children excluded from school. About 10,000 people have been cured of alcoholism.

Listening to the stories of the experience of various women and their families, seeing their faces and their smiles, opens one to hope and makes us say with confidence what Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi already said: «I firmly believe that the salvation of India depends on abnegation and on the emancipation of its women».

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17/12/2011 - Sr. Oldani Elisabetta

Ho visto il video e mi è piaciuto non solo per ciò che comunica (da diffondere anche tra chi collabora con noi) ma per il modo in cui lo fa; mi sentivo in sintonia con il pensiero, il cuore, il modo di comunicare... da donna a donna.

14/12/2011 - Sr. Crescentia D`Almeida

I am very happy to see that our Social Communications Sector has brought out the video on the topic advancement of women based on real life situations. I hope and pray that we may be able to reach many more women and thus work for the emancipation and salvation of our people.

13/12/2011 - Sor Susana Li

Me parece maravilloso. También nosotras trabajamos en un proyecto parecido: Centro de Capacitación para la Mujer. Madre Mazzarello (CECAMMM), en San José, Costa Rica. Las Hijas de María Auxiliadora abrimos todos los domingos el Centro para más de 700 mujeres que no tuvieron la oportunidad de estudiar o mejorar su condición de vida, para darles un espacio para aprender, valorarse, estrechar de nuevo vínculos sociales y sobre todo aprender evangelizándose en un ambiente que es todo para ellas, abriéndose a la esperanza de la vida!

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