Let us allow ourselves to be guided by God’s love for life

Let us allow ourselves to be guided by God’s love for life Rome (Italy). The theme of life is at the centre of the Rector Major’s reflection for the 2007 Strenna.   Following well established tradition, on the afternoon of 31st Fr. Pascual Chávez, gave a commentary on the Strenna, in Casa Generalizia, in the presence of Mother Antonia and the Sisters of the General Council as well as many FMA from our Roman houses.
The Rector Major, with his capacity for communication and friendliness, first introduced the topic, then gave time for the projection of the DVD prepared by the SDB Communications Department, which presents meaningful images to help understand the message. 
The Strenna is entitled: Let us allow ourselves to be guided by God’s love for life
The Rector Major emphasised how, in this historic time when life is under particular threat, it is necessary that, as a Salesian Family, we commit ourselves to accept the inviolable gift of life with gratitude and joy.  We need to promote life passionately as a responsible service and defend, with hope,  the dignity and quality of every life, especially the weakest, the poor and the defenceless. 
«The Strenna – Fr. Chávez states – is intended as “a precise and definite reaffirmation of the value of human life and its inviolability, and at the same time a passionate appeal to each and all, in the name of God: respect, defend, love and serve life, every human life!  Only in this way will you find justice, true freedom, peace and happiness!” (EV 5)».
Faced with a culture of death, every member of the Salesian Family is, therefore, called to take life as gospel and to welcome the gospel of life once more, to celebrate and serve it.
Life as a gospel: life is a vocation and a mission and this implies receiving and loving life as a gift and taking responsibility for life as a task.
The gospel of life: Christ came that all may have the fullness of life.  This requires a pastoral and educational commitment  to serve it and make it grow, giving our own life to defend it, especially in those who are at a disadvantage: children, the poor, the sick, the elderly.   It is the ministry of the family, of the church, of the school, who place themselves at the service of life.
But there is also a “Salesian” programme in favour of life, which the Rector Major insists on.   It requires that all the members of the Salesian Family propose these areas of content, right from the first proclamation of the Gospel and, later, in catechesis and in the various forms of preaching, in personal dialogue and in every form of education.  Educators, teachers, catechists, pastoral workers are called to highlight the anthropological reasons that found and support respect for every human person.  All are called to network with those who are committed to bringing about a new culture of life (Cf. EV 82).
The encounter concluded with a truly fraternal exchange of greetings for the New Year about to begin.

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